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Author: Mary Holloman


Breastfeeding Truths Every Mom Should Know

Breastfeeding can be a challenge for some in the first few weeks home with baby. As a new mom, you’ll get lots of advice from family and friends. Although well-intentioned, misconceptions can poorly impact the breastfeeding relationship between a mom and baby. As part of our Bump in the Road: Facing the Fears of Motherhood

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Abortion Story

Arabella’s Abortion Story

Beginning in childhood, Arabella experienced much abuse and pain. Unexpectedly pregnant as a teenager, she sought out an abortion, hoping it would be a “quick fix” for her situation. Arabella has graciously shared her story with us, as well as how she has found healing after abortion. You can watch and read her story below. 

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We Are Hiring: Full-Time Development Coordinator

Position Summary The Development Coordinator works with the Development Director to raise funds through churches and individual donors across the Triad. This is done through fundraising events, campaigns, and major donors. Responsibilities include outreach to current and past churches and individual donors, potential new churches and individual donors, administrative tasks related to donor management, and

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3 steps to empower 25 moms

3 Steps to Empower 25 Moms

The first annual Winston-Salem Walk for Life will be held Saturday, September 11. The 2-mile route begins at Two Cities Church in Winston-Salem. Along the way, participants are invited to a walk-through of The Pregnancy Network’s Winston-Salem location.   Join the Movement. Fuel the Mission. Change Your City. Our mission is to empower women to face

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help child adjust to new baby

7 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Baby

Fear and exhaustion pressed in on all sides. I touched the soft, feathery fist curled around my index finger and tried not to panic. Riding home from the hospital and leaning on less than three hours of sleep, one thought spun again and again through the revolving door in my mind— We’re outnumbered, we’re outnumbered,

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join the movement winston-salem walk

Change Your City: The Winston-Salem Walk for Life

The Winston-Salem Walk for Life If you knew you had an opportunity to empower women to choose life for their children and impact future generations – would you take it? When you partner with The Pregnancy Network, you become a part of something bigger than yourself.  Wondering what it looks like to get connected with

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Postpartum recovery

Facing the Fears of Motherhood: Postpartum Recovery

This week we continue our latest blog series by exploring another of the common difficulties experienced by new moms: postpartum recovery.  Wikipedia gives us a pretty clean, straightforward definition of what “postpartum” is: The postpartum period begins immediately after childbirth as the mother’s body, including hormone levels and uterus size, returns to a non-pregnant state.

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volunteering risk

3 Ways Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network is Risky

Risky is defined as “having the possibility of failure, danger, or loss.” Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network is risky.  Quite the volunteer recruitment strategy, right? Come Volunteer at The Pregnancy Network and experience failure, danger, and loss like you never have before!  There’s a reason I’m not a recruiter. But let’s be honest—diving headfirst into

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summer pregnancy

6 Tips for Your Summer Pregnancy

My first baby was born in August. After that, I promised myself that in the future, I would plan to avoid being pregnant during the heat of summer. My second baby was born in July. Clearly, I’m not the best planner.  Thankfully, there are a few simple ways to stay healthy and comfortable during a

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Dads, We’re Rooting For You

Planned or unplanned, fatherhood can be daunting.  But dads, we’re rooting for you.  At the Pregnancy Network, we offer free Pregnancy 101 classes and Parenting 101 classes so you’ll feel at the top of your game when it’s time to welcome your son or daughter.  On Your Team  Pregnancy 101 is a group class that

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