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Author: Mary Holloman

ways fathers can love their chilren

6 Ways Fathers Can Love Their Children

In a world that has a hard time defining what a father is, Father’s Day can be a frustrating holiday. Many grieve the loss, absence, or abuse from their fathers. Others find themselves on the cusp of fatherhood, wondering what it looks like to love and lead a child.  Our culture doesn’t argue against the

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breastfeeding questions part 2

Answers to Your Most Common Breastfeeding Questions (Part 2)

Infant feeding can be a controversial and difficult topic, and finding accurate information  is a challenging task in the days of social media. To make an informed decision, you should have as much information as possible; that’s why we asked moms—just like youwhat questions they had about breastfeeding. Here’s part 2 of Answers to Your

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triad resources

7 Triad Resources to Help You During & After Your Pregnancy

At The Pregnancy Network, we connect women with medical services and practical resources to help them face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. If you are pregnant and unsure of your next steps, we can help in a variety of ways. We offer free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, educational classes, material resources,

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FAQs about breastfeeding

Answers to Your Most Common Breastfeeding Questions (Part 1)

One of the most important decisions new parents will make is how to feed their baby. However, infant feeding can be a controversial topic. Even well-meaning friends or family may pressure  parents into feeding choices. Having all the facts will help you gain confidence as you make an informed decision about feeding your baby. We

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advice for parents

5 Tips from Moms & Dads: Advice for New Parents

If you are pregnant, you may feel excited about the joys of parenting, but also fearful about the unknowns. You may find that others (friends, family, social media, parenting websites) talk only about the struggles of parenting or only about the joys. But as with most things in life, there is both: joy and pain,

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things you should know about dobbs case

7 Things You Should Know About the Dobbs Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court is expected to make an important decision regarding Roe v. Wade this summer. It can be challenging to sift through all the information for straightforward answers to the questions raised by this case. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers regarding the Dobbs Supreme Court Case here. We’ve also

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What You Need to Know about Ultrasounds

If you’ve just received two pink lines on a home pregnancy test and are unsure of your next steps, you are not alone. An ultrasound will give you valuable insight into the status of your pregnancy and help you make an informed decision.   The Pregnancy Network is one of the few places in the Triad

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The 2022 GSO Walk for Life

This spring, you can partner with The Pregnancy Network to fill the hands of women with the resources and support needed to embrace their pregnancies as women who are empowered—as women who are fearless. At this year’s GSO Walk for Life, you have the opportunity to help us reach our financial goal of $300,000. These

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breastfeeding journey

Crying Over Spilled Milk: One Mother’s Breastfeeding Journey

In the weeks before having my first child, I was excited and prepared to exclusively breastfeed my child. I had done the homework, been to classes, and bought  the supplies. Breastfeeding has  amazing benefits for babies, like reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), allergies, diabetes, and some cancers; I was amazed and

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