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Paula peyton - gang rape

Strong Mothers: Finding Hope After Rape Conception

Paula never expected that Wednesday night would end tragically. Yet even through the unimaginable, Paula says God redeemed her story and brought her a blessing through her pain. Paula was gang raped by her date and his roommate, and says she felt she was “left trying to pick up the pieces of my life.” She

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The Pregnancy Network in Winston-Salem is Now Open!

After over 35 years of service in Greensboro, this week The Pregnancy Network opened a new Winston-Salem location. Our staff and ministry partners celebrated the expansion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and the opportunity to get a first look after weeks of renovations.  Located at 811 W. Fifth Street, the new office in downtown Winston-Salem is

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Sanctity of human life

Sanctity of Human Life: Loving Your Neighbor Where You Are

To say the events of 2020 upended the status quo for many of us would be an understatement. We’ve seen riots wreak havoc, disease ravage bodies, and politics destroy relationships. In the midst of the chaos, the Church has a unique opportunity and responsibility to be the light. To love our neighbors. To speak the

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New Year New Season of Podcast

New Year, New Season of The Empowered Advocate Podcast

New year, new season of the Empowered Advocate podcast  The Pregnancy Network created our podcast with this goal: to equip and empower you, our listeners, to advocate for life at every stage. In Season 1 and Season 2, we shared real women’s stories and highlighted organizations making a difference. We also share conversations with notable

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Weary Friend, there is Hope

Weary Friend, There is Hope

The lights of the Christmas tree blinked in lazy monotony. On. Off. On. Off. Their projected cheeriness mocked me.  Your unborn baby is dead? Don’t care.  On. Off.  You’re having nightmares every night? Don’t care. On. Off. The unforgiving stare of the yellow lights—along with every bell-ringing Santa, obnoxious Christmas carol, and irritating rerun of

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DeVanuia's abortion story

DeVanuia’s Abortion Story

Pregnant as a teenager, it seemed as if DeVanuia had no choice but abortion. She shared an honest look at her experience with us – how the choice to have abortions affected her life, and how she was able to find healing in the place she least expected it.  This is her story. My name’s

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We are hiring

We Are Hiring: 5 New Positions Available

We are excited to share that we are hiring for 5 new positions at The Pregnancy Network. Review the summaries for each position below. Full job descriptions can be viewed on our Careers page or by clicking the button below.  Application instructions are provided under each job posting. We can’t wait to hear from you! 

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Royal's Story

Royal’s Story: Pregnant During a Pandemic

When Royal walked through the front door at The Pregnancy Network, she felt trapped. She felt she had no choice but to get an abortion. Following the recommendation of one of her friends, who also came to us for our services, Royal decided to make an appointment. Royal couldn’t have imagined what would happen next.

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pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and What To Do Next

Think you might be pregnant? According to the Mayo Clinic and Cone Health, these symptoms can be signs that your body is in the early stages of pregnancy.  Early Pregnancy Symptoms 1. FatigueEarly in pregnancy, your levels of the hormone progesterone are high, making you feel especially sleepy.  2. Nausea Morning sickness most commonly begins about

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