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pregnancy symptoms

Early Pregnancy Symptoms and What To Do Next

Think you might be pregnant? According to the Mayo Clinic and Cone Health, these symptoms can be signs that your body is in the early stages of pregnancy.  Early Pregnancy Symptoms 1. FatigueEarly in pregnancy, your levels of the hormone progesterone are high, making you feel especially sleepy.  2. Nausea Morning sickness most commonly begins about

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Strong Mothers - Kirsten Watson

Strong Mothers: A Mom of 7 Who is Making a Difference

Motherhood is life-changing, but it doesn’t mean you have to put all your dreams on hold. Today we’re highlighting a mom who is doing the hard work of both using her gifts and rocking motherhood. As our Strong Mothers series continues, we’re sharing how Kirsten Watson, a mom of seven, is making a difference. Sharing

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Steps to Success

Your Steps to Success

The Pregnancy Network’s proven Success Sequence is an intentional model that helps women to be well-prepared for their next steps. These levels of service have helped  women facing an unplanned pregnancy  feel confident and empowered to take control of their futures. These steps create a support system and equip women to continue to pursue their

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grief is a gift

Grief is a Gift: The Pain of Pregnancy Loss

I feigned interest in a bag of frozen broccoli so no one would see me cry.  I studied the list of ingredients (spoiler: it’s just broccoli) until my icy fingers numbed and my vision blurred. I knew I couldn’t stand there forever. Surely other shoppers would take notice of the unstable woman emotionally invested in

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Plan your virtual gala

Plan Your Virtual Gala for Life Party in 6 Easy Steps

The Virtual Gala for Life is just one week away! Haven’t started planning yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a quick guide for hosting a memorable watch party that all your guests will enjoy. 1. Plan your Party First, pick a date between October 16 and 30, and register your event at

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benjamin watson

The 2020 Virtual Gala for Life: Meet Benjamin Watson

Meet our Speaker Every year, we are excited to introduce our keynote speaker for the annual Gala for Life event (formerly Benefit Dinner). You’ve probably heard that this year’s Gala will be virtual (you can learn all about it here!) – which means we’re bringing the Gala to you. Things might be a bit different

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5 Myths about Pregnancy and Parenting

5 Myths about Pregnancy & Parenting

Did a positive pregnancy test rock your world with the news that you’re expecting? This time may feel like a rollercoaster of emotions, with pressure to make a quick decision about your pregnancy. You may wonder, “How can I finish my degree? How can I afford prenatal care without health insurance? How can I parent

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