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things you should know about dobbs case

7 Things You Should Know About the Dobbs Supreme Court Case

The Supreme Court is expected to make an important decision regarding Roe v. Wade this summer. It can be challenging to sift through all the information for straightforward answers to the questions raised by this case. We’ve compiled some of the most common questions and answers regarding the Dobbs Supreme Court Case here. We’ve also

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medication abortion

Medication Abortions: What You Need to Know

Medication abortions (also referred to as the abortion pill or RU-486) account for more than one-third of all abortions, according to the latest data. The “draw” of this option is that it allows a woman to avoid a surgical abortion procedure. Instead, she may choose to have her abortion at home. In fact, a quick

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Abortion Sidewalk

A New Path: One Woman’s Return to an Abortion Facility

Sarah spends many Saturday mornings outside the abortion facility in Greensboro. She volunteers as a Sidewalk Advocate with The Pregnancy Network. A decade ago, she visited the same abortion facility under much different circumstances. Today, she bravely visits the same sidewalk she stood on so many years before.  She’s there to show women love and

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So You've Scheduled an Abortion. You have choices for this pregnancy.

So You’ve Scheduled An Abortion. Now What?

Even in the most ideal circumstances, two pink lines on a pregnancy test can take your breath away. In the climate of fear and uncertainty already plaguing our communities, this news can be overwhelming. If you’ve just found out you’re pregnant, you may be wondering what to do next.  Maybe you feel limited to one

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Three Women Abortion Clinic

Three Women, Three Choices, Six Lives

Three Women The three women didn’t know one another.  They’d never crossed paths, and had nothing in common. Except for one thing.  They had each scheduled an abortion at the same place.  In the beginning of 2019, Saturdays on the sidewalk were cold and felt fruitless. Women, one after another, would pull into the driveway,

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Caralynn's abortion story

Caralynn’s Abortion Story

“I felt like [abortion] was the only option that I had.” Caralynn Vaughn became unexpectedly pregnant at 16, and it turned her world upside down. Her parents forced her to move out, and she stayed in a relationship with her boyfriend. In the years ahead, she had several more abortions.  “I wasted a lot of

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Don't Look Away, Our Response to Abortion

‘Don’t Look Away’: Our Response to Abortion

He came that Saturday morning because his pastor asked him to come. His church was a part of the Love Life prayer walks outside the local abortion facility, but he’d never been until now. To be honest, it never occurred to him to attend. He knew he was “pro-life,” but not much more than that.

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Abortion vs. adoption

Adoption vs. Abortion: Which Choice is Best?

“I could never give my child up for adoption. That’s why I have to have an abortion.” At face value, this seems backwards. How could adoption be a worse outcome than abortion? But many women are convinced that placing their child for adoption—”giving away” their child, as many put it—would be the most unloving option

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