Empowering Moms Through the Walk for Life

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At Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center, it takes $1,200 to empower one woman to choose life for her unborn child. Asking people to help you raise $1,200 for the Walk for Life can surely be intimidating! But instead of thinking of your fundraising goal in terms of money, we encourage you to think of the one mom (or two or three!) you will be empowering.

Our 2019 Walk for Life theme is “It All Starts with One.” One woman in a crisis pregnancy, one volunteer, one donor, and one fundraiser. The generosity of one person can have an exponential impact on the women we serve, and that’s why we want to share with you some ideas and encouragement to get you and your team closer to reaching your goal and empowering moms.

Instead of thinking of your fundraising goal in terms of money, we encourage you to think of the one mom (or two or three!) you will be empowering.Click To Tweet

1. Remember Your “Why”

Why are you fundraising? Do you have a personal story related to unplanned pregnancy? Are you a volunteer that has seen life change through this ministry? Do you want to empower women to choose life, and not abortion? Do you believe that humanity is made in the image of God and every life is distinct, whole and living inside and outside the womb? Keep yourself motivated by keeping your “why” in mind! Share your “why” in all of your social media posts and fundraising efforts!

2. Involve Your Family

We have had several walk teams this year that have asked their family to “match” a donation! Deanna Jewell, our client services director, challenged her family to match any donations up to $400, and her friends on social media responded to that challenge. She raised $800 in less than one day!

3. Spring Clean for Life

Clean out your house and host a yard sale, and then donate the profits to your team walk page! You can even host a virtual yard sale by creating an event on Facebook and listing items there. Advertise your sale and let everyone know the proceeds go to the Walk for Life.

4. Host a Fundraising Event

Consider your talents and use them to fundraise! You can offer photography sessions for a minimum donation, have a bake sale, organize a car wash, offer babysitting or handyman services, etc. Think about what you enjoy doing, and use it as a way to encourage others to give.

5. Plan a Fundraising Day at a Local Business or Restaurant

Many businesses will donate a portion of proceeds to nonprofits—all you have to do is ask! For example, one of our teams is hosting a roller skating fundraiser at Skateland USA on April 29 (click here to RSVP). 60% of proceeds are going to the Walk for Life—that’s amazing!  Think of a restaurant or business you frequent, and give them a call.

6. Offer Incentives to Your Donors

For everyone who donates, say “Thank You” by giving them artwork made by your kids, an entry into a gift card raffle, a bumper sticker, a batch of cookies, etc. Everyone loves the chance to win stuff, so this is a simple way to get donors excited and to show your appreciation for their generosity.

Remember to share your fundraising ideas and events with us so we can help you promote them! We can’t wait to see all your creative and fun ideas. Let’s work hard over the next 30 days to meet our team goals and to empower moms to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear.

Hope Wade is the Advancement Coordinator at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center