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Consider Your Impact

Consider Your Impact
  • Empower One Woman - $1,200

    Your donation at this level covers the cost of helping every woman move through each level of our success sequence. It includes each woman's appointment, medical services, classes, material resources, and mentorship.

  • Classes & Mentorship - $300

    We equip clients with free classes and resources. We also connect each interested client with our mentorship program. Classes include Pregnancy 101, Parenting 101, and Abortion Recovery. Your donation covers the cost of class materials, food, resources, and staff.

  • Ultrasound - $600

    We provide limited obstetrical ultrasounds which verify three things: viability of the pregnancy, heartbeat, and gestational age. Our services are administered by staff Registered Nurses. Our ultrasounds are overseen by a volunteer medical board consisting of local medical doctors who are board certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. Your donation covers the cost of equipment, scans, and staff hours.

  • Appointment - $200

    Each appointment may include a pregnancy test, ultrasound, and/or STD test and treatment. Every woman receives a one-on-one advocacy session with a nurse and trained peer advocate. During this appointment she is provided with information and resources to help her make a fully-informed decision. Your donation covers the cost of the pregnancy test, STD testing/treatment materials, staff time, and material resources.

  • One Morning on the Sidewalk - $100

    Our Registered Nurses and trained Sidewalk Advocates maintain a presence outside the abortion facility in Greensboro three mornings each week. Our Mobile Ultrasound Unit is available to provide free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, and options counseling. Your donation covers the operational costs for one morning on the sidewalk.