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Walk for Life: Get Creative with These Fundraising Ideas

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The Walk for Life is 17 days away and we are looking forward to seeing what is in store over the next two weeks as we raise money! To date, we’ve raised a little over 33% of our goal of $150,000. We have been encouraged by the many ways our fundraisers are coming together on their teams and spreading the word about the Walk for Life.

As the Advancement Coordinator who has helped with the Walk for Life for the past two years, I have seen some pretty creative ways that teams raise money. So I want to share a few of my favorites with you! I consider them “classic” in nature and a bit less risky, but with high rewards. 

Creative (and Fun!) Ways to Raise

Host an in-home party using local retailers and small businesses that you know. LuLaRoe, Mary & Martha, Norwex, Mary Kay, Matilda Jane and so many more! Ask your consultant to donate a percentage of sales towards your team’s Walk goal.

Have a yard sale. This is super popular every year. Ask your community to donate items towards your sale. It’s a great time of year for spring cleaning and many people get motivated to purge when they know it’s for a fundraiser! Some people may not be able to financially give, but by donating items you can turn items into cash. Collaborate as a team and get the word out by making flyers, advertising in local papers and asking each team member to share the date on their social media.

Ask a local restaurant to host a fundraising night. There’s a good chance you may dine out this week at one or a few places. While you’re there, speak with a manager and ask if they ever get involved with local fundraising opportunities. Arrange a date with a restaurant, advertise the date and bring as many people as you can. A percentage of their sales can go towards your team goal.

Raffle off your talents and provide complimentary services for a minimum donation price. Odds are that everyone on your team has a gift (or five!) they could provide as a service to raffle. We’ve seen some very creative ideas: photo-sessions, hand-painted and crafted gifts, free baby-sitting, complimentary baked goods, free handy-man hours, and even cooking lessons.

Have a bake sale or hot dog sale. Collaborate with your church, youth sports team, Sunday school class or other group. Present them with tantalizing food and ask for donations towards your team.

Let’s Get to Work!

These are just a few of the ideas that come to mind, but there are many others: dunk tank, pied faces, ice water bucket challenges, slime fundraisers…the possibilities are endless! The most important thing is to stay on message and have fun as you share about Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center.

If you haven’t registered yet, then jump on it! (All the cool kids are.) From GPCC t-shirts to smart watches, we have great incentives this year to help motivate your progress. You can view all those incentives by clicking here!

Every dollar you raise allows GPCC to keep offering high quality services at no cost to the women and men they serve. You have a role to play in helping women and men face their unplanned pregnancy without fear—so what are you waiting for? Let’s do this!

Thank you so much for your commitment to fueling the mission of Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. Let’s have a blast as we walk for life!

You have a role to play in helping women and men face their unplanned pregnancy without fear—so what are you waiting for? Let's do this!Click To Tweet

Special thanks to our major sponsors: Friendly Avenue Baptist Church, Meridian 3D, and The Tsuei Family

Meredith Weber is the Advancement Coordinator at GPCC. She has a wonderful husband, two sweet kiddos, and another little one that could be arriving any day now!