Walk for Life Feature: The Artiga Family • The Pregnancy Network

Walk for Life Feature: The Artiga Family

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The Walk for Life is such an exciting, joy-filled event every year. It is always so encouraging to see families and churches from all over Greensboro coming together in one place and for one purpose. We may not all know one another, but one thing is certain: we all care about advancing the mission of the Care Center. And that is something that unites us.

We may not all know one another, but one thing is certain: we all care about advancing the mission of the Care Center. And that is something that unites us.Click To Tweet

We’ve been blown away by the enthusiasm, ideas, and creativity of our participating Walk teams. If you are on one of these teams, THANK YOU so much for your hard work! It’s because of individuals like you that we are able to continue serving women and men in Greensboro by providing free services in the midst of their unplanned pregnancy.

Our hope is to provide continual support and encouragement to you so that you and your team will have a successful (and fun!) experience with the Walk. So this week, we’re introducing you to Marin Artiga. Marin and her family were the top fundraisers at last year’s walk. They’ve already raised almost $6,000 this year, and they show no signs of stopping until Walk day!

Check out what Marin has to say about their success and the heart behind the hard work of her family and the rest of her Walk team.

Meet Marin Artiga, member of the Lawndale Baptist Church, Finding Common Ground Team

How long have you been involved with the Walk for Life events?
This is my second year fundraising for the Walk for Life.

In your experience, what elements are essential in order to have a successful walk team?
I think passion for the cause and persistence in working towards the team goal are essential for success.

What motivates you to be a part of the Walk for Life?
I’m motivated to be a part of the Walk for Life because I’m passionate about counteracting the message of fear that drives abortion with a message of hope and support.

What are you most looking forward to about the day of the walk?
I’m looking forward to the celebration of meeting the $150,000 goal!

What are some of your team’s strategies for raising funds this year?
This year we went back to some of the same ideas we found success with last year: offering handyman services in exchange for donations, holding a bake sale and a yard sale, and raffling items for donations.

What are some simple ways to get your team excited about this event and really invested in its mission?
One of the ways we try to get our team motivated and excited is by setting our team goal in terms of how many moms we can empower to choose life for their babies, that really personalizes the mission. I also think competition is a fun motivator, so we like to keep track of how much other teams have raised and try to outraise them.

What would you say to someone who wants to be involved with this event, but is nervous about asking people for money?
I don’t like asking for money either, but when I’m asking on behalf of a great organization and a mission I believe in wholeheartedly, my reluctance melts away. I also find it’s easier if you find ways to make it fun, like raffling something that you would love to win, offering to do something in exchange for donations, or holding a sale.

When you’re not involved at GPCC, what do you enjoy doing with your “free” time?
I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids, and whenever I get a moment, a good book.

Let’s Get Started!

If you’re off to a slow start with fundraising, don’t worry! You’ve got between now and the 28th. That’s plenty of time to get creative and reach your team’s goal. You can find all the details about the Walk and how to register by visiting pregnetwork.wpengine.com/walk. We can’t wait to see you on Walk day!