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When You’re Not Thankful

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I have several friends who are expecting babies right now. They’re excited about their growing baby bumps, the week-by-week “watch my belly get bigger” pictures, and cute maternity clothes.

As they gather with their families for Thanksgiving this week, they’ll be sharing how thankful they are for the new life growing within them and for the support of their family and friends as they enter this new chapter of life.

The joy of new life has them planning, dreaming, and celebrating.

But What if You’re Not Thankful?

But what if this joyful response to pregnancy isn’t the case for you? What if you’re dreading the holidays or looking for an excuse to not go home because you know you’ll have to share the unexpected news? What if you’re unsure of how your family will respond? What if you’re not ready for the growing bump and every piece of responsibility that comes with it?

What if you’re just not sure you want this?

Maybe your heart is filled with anxiety rather than joy this holiday season because of the huge decisions looming before you. You wonder what there is to be thankful for in the midst of such a crisis.

If this is you, you are most definitely not alone. Four out of every ten pregnancies are unplanned. That means that 40% of women who hold a positive pregnancy test are in no way prepared for the bump, for the announcement, or for the life change.

I say these things not to reduce your situation to a number or statistic, but to offer a sense of hope. Loneliness is the worst kind of isolation. It can make us feel trapped, cornered, and helpless.

There’s Always a Choice

Oh friend, if you dread this holiday season and are agonizing over the life growing inside of you, I ask that you not keep this burden to yourself. You’re not meant to walk this road alone.

Sometimes the prospect of reaching out for guidance or counsel can seem more intimidating than keeping it all to yourself. But I can promise you that you will find mental and emotional rest by sharing your burdens with others who care about you.

We at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center would be honored to share those burdens with you. Not only can we offer health services (pregnancy tests, a free ultrasound, or an STD test), but we can also help you with the other difficult issues: financial assistance, material resources, advocacy, information about your options, parenting classes, help sharing your news with family members, and a listening ear.

Yes, this may be an unplanned pregnancy. And yes, you may be anxious and uncertain about the future. But you do not have to do it alone.Click To Tweet

You have options before you and we want to walk with you through this journey.

Yes, this may be an unplanned pregnancy. And yes, you may be anxious and uncertain about the future.

But you do not have to do it alone. There are people who want to be here for you. To walk with you.

And that is something to be thankful for.

Mary Holloman is the Communications Assistant at the Care Center. She’s thankful for her husband, two kiddos, and dark chocolate. You can read more from her at www.maryholloman.com or follow her on Instagram at @marytholloman.