Careers - Job Opportunities at The Pregnancy Network


We are happy to offer a variety of careers at The Pregnancy Network. We’re always looking for exceptional talent to help our team grow. Below are our available staff positions. Please follow the instructions for each position in order to be considered for employment.
Please take note of the application deadlines listed for each position.

Position Summary

Staff Nurses will administer all medical services to clients, including pregnancy tests, STD testing and treatment, and limited obstetrical ultrasounds. Other responsibilities include: providing medical advice according to medical standards of care; providing education on contraceptives and other relevant topics related to center services; filing appropriate paperwork/data entry; leading Client Services Department in adhering to medical standards of care; upholding The Pregnancy Network’s policies and procedures; and other duties, as assigned.

Reports to: Nursing Director (Primary)  Health and Client Services Director (Secondary)

Manages: Related Volunteers

Hours: 25-30/week (Part-time) Must be available for Tuesday and Thursday evening shifts in Greensboro (12p-8p)

Pay: Based on experience

Holidays and Benefits: 12 paid holidays (5 hours/holiday); 5 hours per month accrual of Paid Time Off (PTO); Retirement option (SIMPLE IRA) after 1 year of employment matched up to 3%

Position Competencies

The Registered Nurse:

  1. Demonstrates competent obstetrical and gynecological knowledge
  2. Has a clear understanding of how to navigate local, state, and federal laws regarding medical care and privacy
  3. Has good interpersonal communication skills with a kind disposition
  4. Is able to identify, develop, and mobilize emerging leaders for medical volunteer teams
  5. Is available and willing to counsel volunteers and give sound, biblical advice that aligns with center beliefs, as well as practical advice to help meet goals

Qualifications for Employment

  1. Must be female
  2. Must be a committed Christian who demonstrates a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, including membership in good standing and attendance of a local church
  3. Exhibits strong commitment and dedication to the life-affirming position and sexual purity
  4. Agrees with and be willing to uphold the Statement of Principle, Statement of Faith and policies of The Pregnancy Network
  5. Holds a current license in good standing with the North Carolina Board of Nursing
  6. Must comply with state and professional licensing and continuing education requirements
  7. Has/maintains current CPR certification
  8. Has at least 1 year of nursing experience; experience related to sexual health, baby/maternal health, birth, etc., is a plus
  9. Is qualified or willing to be trained in limited obstetrical ultrasound

General Expectations

  1. Must be flexible in an ever-changing, ever-growing organization that requires continual adjustment
  2. Is honest with regard to personal situations that may affect work, or honest about limitations that may affect work, and honest feedback about the organization
  3. Committed to a constant pursuit of humility so that you think of others as more important than yourself (Phil. 2:3)
  4. Has strong communication and interpersonal skills
  5. Maintains a high level of excellence and professionalism, especially in difficult circumstances
  6. Is available to work some nights and weekends, as needed
  7. Attends all fundraising events
  8. Maintains a leadership mindset to create a healthy culture within the organization

Essential Responsibilities of the Position

  • Client Care
      1. Administer The Pregnancy Network’s medical services according to medical standards of care, including client pregnancy test appointments, STD appointments, and limited obstetrical ultrasounds
      2. Communicate medical information clearly and compassionately with clients
      3. Provide peer advocacy services for clients
      4. Call and follow-up with clients for STD treatment, as needed 
      5. Provide STD treatment
  • Administrative/Professional Duties
      1. Document clinical findings accurately in the EHR
      2. Report findings regarding client care to Nursing Director, as needed
      3. Annual review of CPR certification and other professional certifications or licensures 
      4. Drive mobile unit vehicle
      5. Ensure medical services areas are cleaned, maintained, and ready for use
  • Volunteer Development
    1. Be willing to train medical volunteers, as needed; pray with volunteers regularly

Please send your resume and cover letter as separate attachments to the Director of Nursing, Kelly Flournoy ( by May 31, 2023.