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Abortion Stories

Abortion Stories

Hear From Women Who Have Experienced Abortion

Many women have experienced an unplanned pregnancy and chosen to have an abortion. As you listen to their unique stories, you will notice commonalities: assuming abortion would be a quick fix, feeling fear and pressure from family and friends to have an abortion, and believing life after having an abortion would quickly return to normal. Perhaps you will find shared truths in their stories that can help you make your own decision.

This class is offered for both women and men. It is a Christian faith-based group, though it is not limited to Christians only. Also note that it is not intended to be a substitute for therapy, and we encourage you to seek therapy as part of your healing journey.

Arabella’s Story

“[The abortion] was supposed to be a quick fix for me to get on with my life.”

Hear from Arabella about her personal experience with having an abortion.

Devanuia’s Story

“Abortion became my form of birth control. I was really on the most self-destructive course ever.”

If you are undecided about having an abortion, listen to Devanuia’s story.

Ashlynn’s Story

“A combination of fear and pressure from some of the people that were close to me is what led me to have an abortion.”

If you are feeling scared or pressured to have an abortion, listen to what Ashlynn has to share.

Caralynn’s Story

“I had that abortion and I thought that things would go back to normal, but they didn’t.”

If you are wondering what life might be like after having an abortion, listen to Caralynn’s story.

Are You Undecided About Having an Abortion?

We are here to help you navigate this complex and difficult decision. We know it can be very hard and uncomfortable to discuss, but we want to serve as a resource for you. Please reach out to our team to make an appointment.