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Connect Program

This program is designed to connect you with women who will walk alongside you, and both encourage and challenge you in your life. Whether you’re looking for wisdom about parenting, guidance in your relationships, or desire to grow closer in your relationship with God, this program is a great opportunity for you. Building strong relationships with other women will help you create a long-term healthy support network.

What Women Are Saying

We have developed a good relationship. I know I can call her for advice and prayer. I am glad I did it and feel like I have a lifelong friend.
- Tieanna
She has been so helpful in my time of need. She's always there when I need to talk or pray. She's not judgmental, when it comes to my problems. I thank God for meeting her.
- August

Ashley's Story

When Ashley came to The Pregnancy Network, she heard about the Connect program and couldn’t wait to get involved. She knew she wanted a support system, but also a friend.

“For me, Connect was a way to meet somebody that was invested in how my baby was doing and how I was doing, and that was huge for me.”

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Fanta's Story

When Fanta first came to The Pregnancy Network, she was new to the city and knew very few people. She signed up for the Connect Program and was connected with a lifelong friend. Her mentor walked with her during and after her pregnancy. Fanta said that her mentor “has become a part of my family.”

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Connect Program Expectations


There is no set limit on the duration of this program. 


You must fill out a brief application. 


There are no incentives to participate. 

Contact Structure

Once you apply, The Pregnancy Network will connect you with a woman from a local church.

Send an email expressing an interest in the Connect Program.