Meet the Staff - The Pregnancy Network


The Pregnancy Network is volunteer-led, staff-supported, and committed to providing exceptional care to women in our community. Our dedicated team of licensed registered nurses conducts all medical appointments, ensuring women receive the highest standard of care. A volunteer Board of Directors leads our organization, working closely with our staff team to equip volunteers and ensure their effectiveness in serving women. Together, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the women we serve.

Meet our Staff

Judy Roderick

Executive Director

Luke Rosenberger

Associate Executive Director

Angela Jackson

Director of Health & Client Services

Charlotte H

Registered Nurse

Hannah B

Registered Nurse

Holly A

Registered Nurse

Anna W

Registered Nurse

Beth A

Registered Nurse

Susie K

Client Services Coordinator

Olivia C

Client Services Coordinator

Kimberly G

Client Services Coordinator

Irina P

Spanish Client Services Coordinator

Registered Nurse

Allison Herrington

Director of Partnerships

Niurka Fernandez

Partnerships Coordinator

Hope Earwood

Director of Development & Communications

Amelia Brady

Development Manager

Annabeth McGahee

Development Coordinator

Gretchen Bayne

Development Coordinator

Kacey Minor

Communications Manager

Chloe Boyle

Communications Coordinator

Elizabeth Underwood

Director of Finance and Office Management

Holly Chandler