Meet the Staff - The Pregnancy Network


The Pregnancy Network is volunteer-led, staff-supported, and committed to providing exceptional care to women in our community. Our dedicated team of licensed registered nurses conducts all medical appointments, ensuring women receive the highest standard of care. A volunteer Board of Directors leads our organization, working closely with our staff team to equip volunteers and ensure their effectiveness in serving women. Together, we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment for the women we serve.

Meet our Staff

Judy Roderick

Executive Director

Luke Rosenberger

Associate Executive Director

Angela Jackson

Executive Director of Health & Client Services

Charlotte H

Registered Nurse

Hannah B

Registered Nurse

Holly A

Registered Nurse

Anna W

Registered Nurse

Lauren M

Registered Nurse

Susie K

Client Services Coordinator

Olivia C

Client Services Coordinator

Kimberly G

Client Services Coordinator

Registered Nurse

Irina P

Spanish Client Services Coordinator

Maryann J

Registered Nurse

Hope Earwood

Director of Development & Communications

Annabeth McGahee

Development Coordinator

Gretchen Bayne

Development Coordinator

Kacey Minor

Communications Manager

Emily Greene

Communications & Development Coordinator

Holly Chandler


Gabrielle Ruff

Administrative Assistant