Classes and Opportunities at The Pregnancy Network


What We Offer

Our classes will empower you to face an unplanned pregnancy and improve your reproductive health. Classes offered at The Pregnancy Network are all free to our clients. You deserve to be fully equipped as you move forward in your decision making. If you wish to enroll, please make an appointment with us today.

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Mandy's Story

When Mandy came to The Pregnancy Network, she was anxious and unsure if she would be able to parent a child. After participating in our Parenting program and connecting with other moms, she felt empowered to embrace her pregnancy without fear. Watch her story below.

Pregnancy 101

6-8 Weeks • 60-90 Minutes


By far our most popular, this group class will equip you with essentials for having a healthy pregnancy and delivery. This class is facilitated by a trained advocate and guest speakers who are professionals in their fields. Class topics include: healthy eating, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and more.

At the end of each class you attend, you will receive a gift from us. Gifts may include: diapers and wipes, baby and maternity clothes, bottles, furniture, and more.

Contact us to find out when the next round of classes begin!

Embarazo 101

También traemos invitados profesionales en sus campos. Los temas incluyen: alimentación saludable, trabajo de parto, lactancia materna y mucho más. Al final de cada clase a la que asista, recibirá un obsequio de nuestra parte. Los regalos pueden incluir: pañales y toallitas húmedas, ropa de bebé y de maternidad, biberones, muebles y más.

Para registrarse en las clases, por favor envié un email a o llame al 336-274-4881. 

Parenting 101

This class is currently offered only in English.

6-8 Weeks • 60-90 Minutes

parenting class

This group class equips you with the essentials you need for parenting your 0-18 month old. This class is facilitated by a trained advocate and guest speakers who are professionals in their fields. Topics include: baby blues, budgeting, infant CPR, and more. 

At the end of each class, you will receive a gift from us.

Abortion Recovery

If you’ve had an abortion, we understand what you may be feeling. Come meet with a group, or one-on-one, to talk openly about choosing to heal from your experience. Abortion Recovery will help you work through the difficulties and tensions you may be facing after having an abortion. 

Watch Patty’s story below to hear how she found healing through Abortion Recovery after 30 years. 

"I don’t feel the fear that I used to feel. I feel free, I feel more confident, I feel more joy.”
Abortion Recovery - Patty's Story