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With free customized coaching you can expand your services. equip your leaders.  empower your clients.

with free customized coaching you can

equip your leaders. expand your services.  empower your clients.







Why Accelerator?

You care about women experiencing unplanned pregnancies in your community. You have dreams for the future to empower more women. You may be asking: 

  • How can we become a medical clinic?
  • How do we launch a mobile unit?
  • How do we fundraise to fuel our mission?
  • How can we better engage churches for partnership?
  • How do we effectively cast a vision that our partners will get behind?  

Accelerator exists to maximize the potential of pregnancy centers within their communities through customized coaching. We partner with you to equip leaders, expand services, and empower the women you serve. 

How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Established in 1985, The Pregnancy Network saw the number of women served and funds raised grow steadily over nearly three decades. In 2015, a strategic plan to expand medical services and reach more women led to accelerated, exponential growth.  We’ve seen what God can do when we set a vision, develop a strategy, and allow others to coach us throughout the process.

We want to provide that same support to others.



Developed a 3-Phase Strategic Plan to (1) go mobile, (2) move to a larger location, and (3) become a fully operational medical clinic.


Launched a Mobile Ultrasound Unit to more effectively reach women within our community.


Moved to a strategic location to make our services accessible to more women in the community.


As a major part of our multi-site vision, we launched a new location in Winston-Salem and rebranded as The Pregnancy Network.


The Pregnancy Networks 2022 Annual Report.

Get Started

Every  woman has her own unique set of circumstances and experiences that leads her to your door. You want to have the tools and resources available to meet her present needs in light of her future plans. 

We see your pregnancy center the same way. You have a unique history and specific community you serve. We want to come alongside you to build the tools and resources available to your center in light of your future plans. 

Keep scrolling to view the four main areas of focused coaching we can offer for your pregnancy center. 

get started
accelerator strategic planning

Strategic Planning

We will work with you and your leaders to create a clear vision and strategic plan for the future in order to reach more women in need.


We will help equip your center to become financially secure so you can carry out your vision. We can offer best practices for fundraising events, church partnerships, and individual donors.

client services

Client Services

We will provide your center with best practices to empower women in your community to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. 



We will help you improve systems to mobilize local churches and their members to actively volunteer within your center.

Accelerate your center with multiple training options.

One-On-One Coaching
Quarterly Training Events
Small Cohort Groups

Join us for an exclusive deep dive into the world of fundraising excellence. Judy Roderick, Executive Director, and Hope Earwood, Director of Development and Communications, will provide a glimpse into successful Walk for Life and Gala for Life events, showcasing strategies to help you raise more than you thought possible. Whether you’re an Executive Director, part of the Development Staff, or leading the Fundraising Committee, this is your chance to glean valuable insights and kickstart your event planning journey for the year ahead.

📅 Choose Your Date:

Walk for Life:

March 5, 10:00 -11:30 AM: Walk for Life (Overall Center Budget under $400,000)* 

March 5, 1:30-3:00 PM: Walk for Life (Overall Center Budget above $400,000)*

Gala for Life:

March 7, 10:00-11:30 AM: Banquet/Gala (Overall Center Budget under $400,000)* 

March 7, 1:30-3:00 PM: Banquet/Gala (Overall Center Budget above $400,000)*

*$400,000 budget of private donations, excluding grants

Note: Personalized 1/1 Zoom teaching is available if scheduled dates and times do not work for you.