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Pregnancy Ultrasounds in Winston-Salem

Pregnancy Ultrasounds in Winston-Salem

What We Offer

If you need to confirm whether or not you are pregnant, visit The Pregnancy Network in Winston-Salem for a free ultrasound. Our registered nurses perform a “Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound” with the intention of confirming pregnancy. These ultrasounds can verify three things: the viability of the pregnancy, the heartbeat, and the gestational age. 

All of our ultrasound services are administered by medical staff who have the necessary training and certification and overseen by a volunteer medical board. Each ultrasound is reviewed by one of our medical directors. The video below features Dr. Charlie Pickens, one of our medical directors, explaining what he looks for as he reviews an ultrasound scan. 

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Visit The Pregnancy Network in Winston-Salem to receive a free ultrasound. If you do find out that you are pregnant, our caring team will walk you through your options and provide resources to help you make a fully-informed decision about your next steps.