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18, Pregnant, and Afraid: Hannah’s Story

Pregnant and Afraid

Standing on the sidewalk outside of Greensboro’s abortion facility, memories flooded Hannah’s* mind. The fear. The uncertainty. The loneliness. 

Suddenly she was 18 again, pregnant and terrified about how a pregnancy would change her future. She’d felt trapped, as if abortion was her only choice.

She’d come painfully close to moving forward with plans for an abortion. But, in the end, she found the courage to carry her pregnancy. 

What I Would Have Missed 

Years later, outside of the abortion facility, Hannah recalls, “As I stood there..this truth hit me harder than it ever had…As thoughts sank in about what my life would be like without my son, I began to weep. I wept as I realized the reality of what I almost put him through. The loss that would have been. The thought of what I would have missed in knowing him, loving him, watching him grow. My son is one of the greatest blessings I have ever known. The truth of it devastated me. 

“[I am] overcome with thankfulness to God for his amazing grace and mercy. Children truly are a blessing and a gift from the Lord.”

Today, Hannah serves at The Pregnancy Network to encourage women facing the fears she remembers so clearly. “There is hope even when they may feel hopeless.” 

Hannah volunteers because she’s been there. She can speak to the reality of the fear an unplanned pregnancy brings. And she can speak to the joy she found in becoming a mom, even as a teenager. She shows women facing an unplanned pregnancy that they aren’t alone.

Finding Courage

Like Hannah, Royal was “overwhelmed and scared” after finding out she was pregnant. She felt there was no choice but to get an abortion. Then a friend recommended The Pregnancy Network.

Royal noticed a change – once anxious, her friend was now excited about her pregnancy. Royal was skeptical that anyone would change her mind, but made an appointment anyway.

Royal never expected her appointment would be “the turning point” for her as well.

 “[It] felt good to be able to know that I got up enough strength and courage [to carry my pregnancy.]” 

You can hear Royal share her inspiring story here:

*Names have been changed for privacy. 

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Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

Kacey is the Strategic Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.