7 Triad Resources to Help You During & After Your Pregnancy

7 Triad Resources to Help You During & After Your Pregnancy

At The Pregnancy Network, we connect women with medical services and practical resources to help them face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. If you are pregnant and unsure of your next steps, we can help in a variety of ways. We offer free pregnancy tests, limited ultrasounds, STD testing and treatment, educational classes, material resources, and mentorship

However, we recognize you may have some needs that we aren’t equipped to meet as an organization. While these free services are a helpful foundation of support, we understand there are additional needs you and your family have outside of the resources we provide. That’s why we offer information and referrals to other community resources and organizations we trust. Below are a few of the most common referrals we make, along with the purposes and contact information for each. 

We’d love to help you prepare for your pregnancy by helping you make an action plan to connect with the resources you need. Make an appointment with us today to get started. At your appointment, we’ll share information on each of these resources, and walk you through how to sign up or get started with each.

Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

The WIC Program aims to safeguard the health of low-income women, infants, and children up to age 5 who are at nutritional risk by providing nutritious foods to supplement diets. The program also provides information on healthy eating and referrals to health care. This program is available in both Guilford County and Forsyth County.

Medicaid for Pregnant Women (MPW)

Medicaid for Pregnant Women covers costs related to pregnancy. This includes: prenatal care, childbirth classes, family planning services, and more. North Carolina has an online application system called ePASS. Learn more about MPW in both Guilford County and Forsyth County.

Health Start Triad Baby Love Plus

The program, located in Forsyth County, links moms, babies and dads with important health care and support services. This is a free program that is designed to improve the health of women, improve birth outcomes, and improve father/male partner involvement.

Nurse Family Partnership

In this program, women who are pregnant with their first child are paired with registered nurses (RNs). This nurse educates, encourages, and supports each mother throughout the first two years of motherhood. This in-home care is free, both before and after your child is born. Click to learn more about the programs in Guilford County and Forsyth County.

Room at the Inn

This program assists pregnant women experiencing homelessness. Room at the Inn provides shelter, food, clothing, case management, and in-house daycare. In addition, they provide life skills education, counseling, and transportation for trips related to school, job training, or health appointments. Click here to find out about this Guilford County program

Greensboro Urban Ministry

Greensboro Urban Ministry exists to express the love of God to those in need by meeting practical needs. This program offers food, shelter, emergency assistance, rehousing assistance, and more. Click here to learn more.

Extra Resources During the Formula Shortage

If you are concerned about the recent formula shortage or face challenges accessing the formula you need for your baby, you are not alone. NCDHHS has put together detailed guidance on what families can do during this difficult time, as well as what to avoid. Click here to view the guidance. 

Here are a few extra tips from an IBCLC and Registered Nurse on staff at The Pregnancy Network:

  • Don’t resort to homemade formula. It can be unsafe and it is not worth the risk.
  • Call your pediatrician’s office. Chances are they have samples or have a connection to get formula.
  • Call WIC. Even if you are not eligible, they are very knowledgeable and plugged into the community.
  • Meet with a Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). We can talk about resources and relactation. If you have produced breast milk before, your chances of producing breast milk again are pretty good! 

We're Here for You

The Triad is full of amazing resources to help you during and after pregnancy. You have options available to you, and we would love to walk alongside you during this time. Click here or call 336-274-4881 to make an appointment today.

Mary Holloman

Mary Holloman

Mary is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.