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A New Path: One Woman’s Return to an Abortion Facility

Sarah spends many Saturday mornings outside the abortion facility in Greensboro. She volunteers as a Sidewalk Advocate with The Pregnancy Network.

A decade ago, she visited the same abortion facility under much different circumstances. Today, she bravely visits the same sidewalk she stood on so many years before. 

She’s there to show women love and compassion. She’s there to show women a path to choices made from a place of empowerment, not from a place of shame or fear. She’s there because she understands what women at the abortion facility are going through.

Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network and on the sidewalk allows me to show women there are other options. I can show them I understand exactly what they are feeling—both emotionally and physically. There is no greater feeling than to see someone in such a dark and scary time become empowered, take control of their situation, and know that, through God, anything is possible. I am living proof.”

Sarah says that a decade ago, she was “running from God.” She found herself facing two unplanned pregnancies she felt she needed to hide from her family. Sarah says she didn’t have the resources The Pregnancy Network provides.

 “[The Pregnancy Network] educates women and their families on the process of abortion, the different types, and how it could affect their futures. They give free ultrasounds and guidance to anyone wanting to see the life inside them. I did not have this eleven years ago.”

A New Direction

In addition to volunteering as a Sidewalk Advocate, Sarah volunteers as an Abortion Recovery Mentor. She helps women who are post-abortive find hope and healing. She also encourages churches to become involved with their community through The Pregnancy Network’s Church Engagement team. 

Sarah says, “Simply put, our lives boil down to the choices we make and the direction we choose to turn with the pathways laid before us….God uses all things for his good and I am very thankful He has taught me how to follow Him.”

To find out more about volunteering at The Pregnancy Network, we invite you to visit an Open House (offered both online and in person.) 

If you’re facing an unplanned pregnancy, trained volunteers like Sarah are here to help. At your appointment at The Pregnancy Network, you’ll meet with a registered nurse and a trained peer advocate volunteer who understand the fears and challenges you may be facing. 

Find out more or schedule an appointment here. We’d love to talk with you about your next steps, and connect you with the support and resources we have to offer. 

Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

Kacey is the Communications Assistant at The Pregnancy Network.