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Adoption – Anna’s Story

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The Call


At five o’clock, a week and a half ago, Anna1 called the Care Center. The phones would have already been switched over to night mode with no ring, but for some reason, I was running behind that day. As I picked up the phone, I began to hear crying. Anna was very upset and distressed about her pregnancy. She stated that she needed to speak with someone about adoption.

Anna began to tell me that she tried to get the money for an abortion when she was under 20 weeks, but after talking it over with her boyfriend, they decided to keep the baby. Months later, after the decision was made, her boyfriend suddenly passed away. Anna felt like she was not ready to take care of this new baby mentally, physically, emotionally, financially, etc. She told me she was due anytime and that she wanted more resources on adoption. As I spoke with Anna on the phone, I knew that she was in desperate need of help. Thankfully we had an opening and I was able to schedule an appointment for her the next night.

After we hung up, I called Bethany Christian Adoption Services and to my surprise, they were able to come out the very next day to meet with us at the Care Center during Anna’s appointment. I was filled with excitement and nerves the following day. Thoughts like, “what if she doesn’t show up” came to my mind, but the staff and I prayed all day for Anna to come to her scheduled appointment.

The Meeting


Anna showed up that night! Sarah from Bethany Adoption Agency came ready and prepared to talk about adoption plans with Anna. We sat with her as she told us a little bit about her story and situation. She was just not ready to be a mother for the 3rd time and she knew she wanted to give this new baby to a family who was prepared and longing for a child. She signed her agreement papers with Bethany, stating that she would work with them and later picked out an adoption plan that best suited her. We left knowing that God had a plan and purpose for Anna and this new baby.

The Arrival


That same night, 2 hours after Anna had met with us, she gave birth to a little girl. She did not have any contact with the baby during or after the birth. The baby was placed in temporary care until the decision was made about an adoptive family.

One week later, the baby still in temporary care, Anna worked with Sarah on picking out the perfect adoptive family. We started the meeting with prayer and asked the Lord to be with Anna as she made her decision. She looked through adoptive family books and landed on one that made her cry. She said, “This is the family. This is it.” All of us in the room began to cry as she had tears of joy streaming down her face. Similarities were quickly picked out between her family and the adoptive family. “My children love to eat and I have eaten a lot through my whole pregnancy,” she chuckled, “and the dad is a professional chef! My baby girl will always have a full belly”. She flipped to the next page and saw a picture of a little nursery the family had been preparing for their hopeful new child. Anna began to cry and stated, “They are so ready. They are going to be so excited to get the call to come pick her up. I know this is the perfect family for her.” With tears in her eyes, she looked up and said, “This is them and they are a part of my family now.”

Sarah said that the family would get the exciting call to pick up their new baby girl the next day. We ended the session in prayer, praying for God’s will to be done in Anna’s life, the baby girl’s life, and for her new family. It was such a sweet moment and I’m thankful I was able to be there.

Our Prayer

  • We pray that Anna finds peace and comfort in her decision, but also that God would draw her closer to Him during this difficult and exciting time.
  • We pray for the little girl, that she would grow up in a loving and supportive home where God is glorified and known.
  • We pray for this new family that they would embrace their little girl with love and raise her up to be a follower of Christ.
  • We pray that the Care Center would be able to reach out to more clients in need and be able to show the love of Christ to them while they are here, with open arms and resources ready to assist.

God is doing amazing things here at the Care Center and we feel it is such a privilege to be a part of God’s great plans.


Haley Landry is Client Services Director for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. She just graduated with a degree in Social Work from UNCG, and loves working with volunteers and clients to help clients achieve their future dreams and goals. When she’s not at the Care Center she loves spending time with her husband and two dogs!

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  1. The client’s name has been changed for the purpose of confidentiality.