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Building Relationships: A Client Story

It was time to stop trying.

She’d spent most of her life following the rules. She attended church regularly, was a diligent student, had a great group of friends, and had been in a four year relationship with her boyfriend. They’d never had sex because, well, that was one of the rules. And Jennah* was a rule follower. And when you follow the rules, things are supposed to go right.

Until they go wrong. Jennah’s long-running relationship with her boyfriend came to an abrupt and unforeseen end. Her heart was broken, and so was her resolve to continue being the “good girl.” God felt distant, and she wondered if it even mattered whether she kept trying.

So she stopped.

Jennah began spending time with different groups of people. She stopped spending time in God’s word and stopped making church a priority. Soon she was in and out of several relationships. Abstinence was no longer a part of her life.

When we met Jennah, she was seeking an STD test. The consequences of her choices were crashing in on her. She never thought she’d be someone who would need this service—this wasn’t who she was. And now, sitting in a room at the Care Center with a complete stranger, all the frustration, sadness, and confusion came pouring out.

Truth in Love

It’s easy to make unwise choices in an attempt to mask our pain. Jennah’s reckless choices came from a place of brokenness. She’d been blindsided by rejection and, as a result, was seeking acceptance through whatever means possible.

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Our time with Jennah allowed us to meet a physical need by providing a free STD test. But we were also able to address her emotional and, most importantly, her spiritual needs. Because sometimes in the midst of pain, we forget the truth of the gospel message. That day, we were able to remind Jennah.

Jennah has signed up for our mentorship program, the Titus 2 Initiative. Her hope is to enter into a one-on-one relationship with an older woman who will provide her with accountability for abstinence and direction for her faith.

Jennah’s desire is to make lifestyle changes—not for the purpose of merely “following the rules,” but to build and strengthen a true relationship with God; one in which she grows in spiritual maturity and relies on the grace provided for her through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection. We’re grateful for our opportunity to connect with Jennah and to empower her with the knowledge and resources she needs to make healthy choices for her life.

*Client’s name has been changed.

Mary Holloman is the Communications Assistant at the Care Center. You can follow her on Instagram at @marytholloman or on her blog,