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Caralynn’s Abortion Story

"I felt like [abortion] was the only option that I had."

Caralynn Vaughn became unexpectedly pregnant at 16, and it turned her world upside down. Her parents forced her to move out, and she stayed in a relationship with her boyfriend. In the years ahead, she had several more abortions. 

“I wasted a lot of years because of the damage [my abortions] did to me,” she said.

At the time, Caralynn had no idea of the impact her abortions had on her emotionally; but when she finally faced the truth, her healing was drastic. 

Caralynn shares her story on our most recent episode of The Empowered Advocate podcast. You can listen below, or click here, or listen wherever you find your podcasts. You can also watch the short video below as Caralynn talks about the impact abortion had on her life and how she found healing. 

If you have had an abortion, we would love the opportunity to talk with you. We offer an Abortion Recovery program that has helped many women experience healing after their abortions. Call 336-274-4881 to speak with someone today about getting started.