A Dad & Daughter's Decision

A Dad & Daughter’s Decision

My breath caught in my throat as they walked through the door. He had to be at least forty and she looked to be just out of middle school. I breathed a silent prayer and steadied myself. She cowered in the corner as he spoke.

“Can you help us? Do you perform abortions? My daughter…she’s gotten herself in trouble.’”

When many of us think of summer, we think of vacation. We think of time spent by the beach or by a pool. We think of more time to spend with our families. Unfortunately, for many in our community, summer also means kids left at home alone while mom and dad are at work.

It was August, and 14 year-old Jackie* had been home all summer while both her parents were working. Jackie explained that her boyfriend had started coming over to play video games during the day and their time alone had quickly gotten them into trouble. Her father, broken-hearted, was looking for the only option he felt was viable for his young daughter.

It took time, and prayer, and a whole lot of listening, but in the end, Jackie chose life that day. Jackie’s father’s heart was still broken for his daughter, but we saw God begin to mend their relationship, as well.

As the school term has come to an end, Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center is bracing itself for summer. We know there will be much work to do, many pregnancy tests to give, and many decisions to be made. We want to give you the opportunity to be involved in this work. We have a very real need. In order to continue to serve clients like Jackie, we need to raise $50,000 this summer.

We ask that you consider how much you can give to our organization. We also ask that you consider who you can reach out to on our behalf. We need a network of supporters, so we can continue spreading God’s hope and joy in a fearful and sorrowful world.

We are accepting donations on our giving page, gsocarecenter.wpengine.com/give, or you can give by calling us at 336-274-4901. Thank you for your decision to support those who need hope and peace in the midst of their situation.

*Our client’s name has been changed for her privacy.

Adri Adams is an Events Coordinator for Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. When she’s not working to gain support for the Care Center, she enjoys spending time with her husband, two young daughters, and the newest member of their family, her son, Cade.