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Dads, We’re Rooting For You

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Planned or unplanned, fatherhood can be daunting. 

But dads, we’re rooting for you.  At the Pregnancy Network, we offer free Pregnancy 101 classes and Parenting 101 classes so you’ll feel at the top of your game when it’s time to welcome your son or daughter. 

On Your Team 

Pregnancy 101 is a group class that is facilitated by a trained advocate and guest speakers who are professionals in their fields. Class topics include: healthy eating, labor and delivery, breastfeeding, and more.

Parenting 101 is a group class that will equip you with the essentials you need for parenting your 0-18 month old. This class is facilitated by a trained advocate and guest speakers who are professionals in their fields. Topics include: baby blues, budgeting, infant CPR, and more. 

At the end of each class you attend, you will receive a gift from us. Gifts may include: diapers and wipes, baby clothes, bottles, furniture, and more.

These classes are not only helpful training for taking on fatherhood, but also a great way to connect with a team of men who are walking through the same season with you. 

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Dads Review The Pregnancy Network 

Here’s what dads had to say about their visit to The Pregnancy Network:

Me and my girlfriend went to the [Parenting 101] class and even though we were already excited to go, EVERY week we were looking forward to class. The staff was exceptional in their calm demeanors, their knowledge went above and beyond. -Michael

Me and my girlfriend loved the pregnancy center. Our first ultrasound tech was very empathetic and understanding. – Dorian

Beautiful facility and absolutely amazing staff. Very friendly and open to talk to.

– Zach

The people involved in running the program are great. Atmosphere is wonderful. It is also very positive and uplifting. Would recommend it to anyone who is trying to help their own development in parenting as well as development for his/her child relating to teaching child early language skills.

– Andrew

Very helpful and nurturing staff. Gave us a lot of information and ideas of how to approach things step by step. – Trey

My wife came here for resources and an ultrasound! She loved the staff and the aura of the office. The [Winston-Salem]  office was opened in January and this office is exceptionally clean. – Javonta

Playbook for New Dads

Men attending TPN’s Pregnancy 101 class are each gifted with a copy of The New Dad’s Playbook. This book by Benjamin Watson is a helpful guide to being a great partner during pregnancy, birth, and after bringing baby home. 

Watson shared in his interview with The Undefeated,

“You go from preseason to regular season to playoffs to the Super Bowl, which is the birth, to the postgame, when the baby comes home, and those few weeks afterwards where everybody wants to come by and see the baby,” Watson said. “The preseason is conception into the first trimester, and it kind of goes along like that. It’s encouraging men [to know] they can be good dads, that they have what it takes. The biggest thing that a man wants to know is, do I have what it takes? We need affirmation. Whether they got that from a father figure or not, I will encourage them that they do have what it takes.”

Father's Day Book

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