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Fake Nurses or Fake News?

You’ve probably heard the claims before: pregnancy centers are fake clinics, and the so-called nurses who work there aren’t really nurses at all. They perform procedures they’re not qualified for, and they do whatever it takes to get clients through the door—even if it means providing deceptive and misleading information. 

But are these claims rooted in reality? Lauren McClure, a registered nurse at GPCC, answers these and other questions on our latest podcast episode, “Fake Nurses or Fake News?”

Lauren shares about her background and education as a nurse, how she got involved with the pregnancy center, and the challenges she has faced in a role that is often brushed off as “fake” or “illegitimate.” 

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Show Notes:

0:00 – Welcome to Lauren McClure, RN 

1:45 – Lauren’s work history and how she got started at GPCC

4:35 – Many people assume that PRCs have “fake nurses.” Where does this idea come from, and is there any truth to this claim?

10:50 – Have you personally experienced any negative feedback about your involvement with a pregnancy center?

12:10 – What are the differences between working as a nurse in a pregnancy center and working in a hospital?

15:00 – Lauren shares about the relationships she’s able to build with clients.

16:45 – Lauren discusses her role as a nurse and what that looks like at GPCC. 

20:20 – What are the primary purposes of ultrasounds at a PRC?

23:00 – Lauren shares about the relationship of the PRC with local OB/GYN doctors, and how they oversee and sign off on every scan from the pregnancy center.

25:30 – What are the most common emotions clients experience within the ultrasound room?

26:45 – Do ultrasounds still matter? What role does an ultrasound play in helping women make fully informed decisions?

30:45 – Lauren shares how being on the sidewalk outside the abortion center brings with it a whole different set of challenges than being within the walls of the pregnancy center.

37:45 – What are clients saying about the pregnancy center?

39:50 – Lauren shares her favorite part of working at GPCC.