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Fast, Reliable Information is Just a Call Away: Introducing The Pregnancy Network’s Telemedicine Services

An unplanned pregnancy is more than unexpected: it is exciting, scary, and life-altering all at once. You may be considering all of your options, or you may still be coming to terms with the fact that you’re pregnant. Whatever you’re feeling is valid.

No one knows your situation better than you do, but we want to understand and provide practical care and resources. Enter The Pregnancy Network’s telemedicine services, our newest initiative to meet you where you are. 

The Why

By embracing Telemedicine, The Pregnancy Network enhances accessibility, convenience, and early care for women facing unplanned pregnancies. As a trusted provider in the medical community, we are committed to using innovative means to be readily available to the women we serve.

Since 1985, The Pregnancy Network has been available to women of the Triad with compassionate care and practical support. Since the overturn of Roe v. Wade and the introduction of North Carolina’s Care for Women, Children, and Families Act, the need for medical care and support is more apparent than ever. Women deserve to be met with reliable information and services, and quickly. We want to meet that need through innovative means to enhance accessibility, convenience, and early intervention for pregnant women in the Triad.

In 2024, we’ve introduced our Telemedicine program. If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you can call our offices to connect with a registered nurse who will answer your questions about your pregnancy, connect you with resources, and review your options. You don’t have to walk this road alone, and now, The Pregnancy Network can come alongside you faster than ever before. 

What You Can Expect

In your free telemedicine appointment, you can expect your licensed registered nurse to review your options with you. She’ll walk you through what it looks like to carry your pregnancy to term and parent or place for adoption, as well as the various types of abortion procedures. She’ll inform you of the national and community resources available to equip you to face your unplanned pregnancy without fear. Through it all, she’ll be a listening ear to make you feel heard and seen in your situation.

Following your telemedicine appointment, your licensed registered nurse will invite you to come in to either our Greensboro or Winston-Salem location for a pregnancy test and ultrasound. This is a great way to confirm your pregnancy and receive proof of your pregnancy to access community resources.

Call Today for Your Free Telemedicine Appointment

The Pregnancy Network is here to help. Take this opportunity to talk to one of our licensed registered nurses online by scheduling a free telemedicine appointment. Get medical guidance you can trust, get connected to helpful resources, and review your options. You’ve got this.

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Chloe Belk

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.