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New Year, New Season of The Empowered Advocate Podcast

New year, new season of the Empowered Advocate podcast 

The Pregnancy Network created our podcast with this goal: to equip and empower you, our listeners, to advocate for life at every stage. In Season 1 and Season 2, we shared real women’s stories and highlighted organizations making a difference. We also share conversations with notable authors including Sarah Philpott and Dan Darling.

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Communications Director Mary Holloman recently released the two first episodes of Season 3. In Episode 1, she covers what’s been going on at The Pregnancy Network since we concluded Season 2 of our podcast in May of 2020. 

In Episode 2, Mary shares the painful season her family walked through in 2019, and how this experience shaped her perspective on finding authentic hope. 2020 was discouraging for us all, to say the least; Mary’s beautifully-said reminder of where hope is found is a source of much-needed encouragement. 

A Snapshot of the Latest Episodes

Episode 1: Welcome Back! 2020, Our Expansion, and Why YOU Should Get Connected

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a notable impact on women facing unplanned pregnancies. Mary shares the steps taken at The Pregnancy Network to safely keep our doors open, and continue to provide services and much-needed support. During a time when many felt isolated, The Pregnancy Network provided vital reassurance to women that they weren’t alone. 

In this short episode, we also share the amazing results of our Gala for Life—our first ever “virtual” event. The Virtual Gala for Life included a keynote speech from NFL star and pro-life advocate Benjamin Watson. You won’t want to miss the recap of this unique event, and the incredible generosity shown by our community. It’s safe to say the Triad is full of individuals who care deeply about the well-being of women and growing families in our community. 

We’ll also share an exciting update regarding our expansion to Winston-Salem. Mary shares a behind-the-scenes look at the process of opening our new location. We can’t wait to open our doors January 19, 2021 and begin making our free services accessible to women in this part of the Triad.

Lastly, if you’re wanting to make a difference and help make abortion unnecessary, Mary shares the first step you need to know to get involved.

Listen to Episode 1, “Welcome Back! 2020, Our Expansion, and Why YOU Should Get Connected”

Episode 2: Weary Friend, There is Hope

2020 wasn’t what any of us thought it would be. In Episode 2, Mary Holloman shares some reflections on the painful year her family had in 2019, and how it has impacted the way she views 2020. 

“Last Christmas, I couldn’t see beyond my sorrow. I’d forgotten that Christmas is not an empty promise of lights, laughter, and happiness, but rather a fulfilled promise of rescue, redemption, and hope.”

Rest assured, weary friend – there is hope. Don’t miss this encouraging episode, where Mary authentically shares how hope can be found even in a weary season.

Whatever you’re going through, know this: a Savior has come. He sees you. He’s with you in your suffering. He doesn’t mask your pain with fluorescent blinking lights and bell-ringing Santas. Instead, he can and will infuse your life with light that cannot be unplugged or packed away in storage with our tree and trimmings. He offers a purpose that isn’t seasonal, and a love that is never distanced. He offers true hope. A hope that thrills. 

And that, weary friend, is a hope worth rejoicing over. 

Listen to Episode 2, “Weary Friend, There is Hope”

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Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

Kacey is the Strategic Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.