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Our Top 7 Articles of 2019

In 2019, we’ve published over 40 articles on our blog. We’ve shared stories of victory, heartache, and so much more. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to look back on our best articles. How did we choose them? Actually, you chose them. Each of the articles below received the most engagement from you, our readers. If you missed any of these, we hope you’ll take a few minutes to read and share them. Just click on the title or image to read the full article. 

We hope you’ll enjoy the Care Center’s Top 7 Articles of 2019!

1. Heartbreak and Hope: One Year of Sidewalk Advocacy

Sidewalk Advocacy

“The angry roots of doubt threaten to take up permanent residence within us. But at the exact moment when we are most tempted to give in or give up, something happens.

We remember.

We remember the moment when that one mother walked out of the abortion facility, locked eyes with us, and smiled. Her baby’s life would not end that day.

We remember the slow and steady friendships we’ve been forging—week after week—with some of the abortion volunteers.

We remember the moms who stepped onto our mobile unit and saw a steady, strong heartbeat for the first time. We remember their tears, and how we cried with them.”

2. Infanticide, Animal Cruelty, and How We’re Confused on Both

Infanticide, Animal Cruelty. Abortion.

Our consciences have been seared when we think infants or unborn babies are not people worth protecting. People who think this way don’t even realize how inconsistent it is to say that fish ought to have the rights of humans, while at the same time treating some humans as though they have no rights.

There is no difference between a newborn infant and the same infant who was in the womb moments before. There’s no difference between a third trimester baby and a second trimester baby. Or first trimester. Or embryo.

3. Fostering Hope: How One Organization is Putting “Pro-Life” in Practice

Fostering Hope

“To me, [foster care] is the gospel in a nutshell. Let me take care of your child, and love them and care for them, so that you can get better and get your kids back. What better way to support choosing life for someone but by stepping up and helping them long term and saying, you know what, I’m not just going to take care of this kid so that I can be a mom, but so that you can be a mom.”  

4. Rejoicing Through Suffering

2019 benefit dinner

Over the last year, our team has walked through one of the most taxing seasons we’ve ever experienced. In between Open Houses, volunteer trainings, the Unplanned movie premier, vision planning, and day-to-day responsibilities, there was a spiritual battle being waged against us. Loved ones were lost, cancer was found, physical and mental illnesses were diagnosed, miscarriages were suffered, jobs were lost, and ultimately we were broken to the point of dust.

We’ve felt the pains of this broken world and faced the realities of spiritual warfare the Bible promises. With each blow, we’ve done the only thing we could—turned to the truth of God’s Word and poured out our souls in prayer. 

5.‘Intentional, Selfless, and Loving’: The Truth On Adoption

Truth Adoption

Rikki says that the amount of families waiting to adopt domestically through a private adoption agency (rather than through the state or foster care systems) vastly outnumbers the birth moms who are choosing to place their child for adoption. “We have literally never seen a baby born with no option of an adoptive family to be placed with, even babies with the highest medical needs, which is a huge praise.”

6. ‘Don’t Look Away’: Our Response to Abortion

He came that Saturday morning because his pastor asked him to come. His church was a part of the Love Life prayer walks outside the local abortion facility, but he’d never been until now. To be honest, it never occurred to him to attend.
He knew he was “pro-life,” but not much more than that.

He stood with a large crowd of people in the bright morning sunlight and heard the truth about what was happening in his own city. Almost 40 abortions a week—the deadliest street in Greensboro.

7. Is Abortion Empowering?

Is Abortion Empowering?

We are a culture that is obsessed with control. We want the ability to micromanage every piece of our lives, from the music on our playlists to the specialty drinks we order at the drive thru. The degree to which we’re able to make choices about our lives tends to have a great impact on the way we view ourselves and our level of personal freedom.