S1E5: A Conversation with Doula and Lactation Consultant Grace Johnson • The Pregnancy Network

S1E5: A Conversation with Doula and Lactation Consultant Grace Johnson

Grace Johnson is a doula, lactation consultant, and faithful volunteer at The Pregnancy Network. Her empowering first birth experience inspired her to equip women to “have the birth they want”. She received free services and information that eased her struggle with breastfeeding. She wanted to share that same support with other women, and now serves as a lactation consultant.

Discover the stages of labor, the need-to-know information to create a birth plan, breastfeeding tips, and more by listening to Grace’s episode below.

“Women who feel like, at the end of their labor, had a positive experience… it doesn’t necessarily mean that it went exactly how they wanted on their birth plan, it’s that they felt in control and that they were educated on the process. They knew what was happening.”

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0:56 – Grace’s Introduction

3:15 – The Stages of Labor

12:10 – Creating a Birth Plan

20:20 – What Women Don’t Know About Breastfeeding

26:26 – Support Groups for Breastfeeding

26:58 – Encouragement to Breastfeeding Moms

29:44 – Grace’s Why for Serving Women

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Chloe Belk

Chloe Belk

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