S1E6: Building Healthy Financial Habits • The Pregnancy Network

S1E6: Building Healthy Financial Habits

Christie Smith is the Interim President and CEO of Acclaim Federal Credit Union and faithful volunteer and Peer Advocate at The Pregnancy Network. This month, she joined host Chloe Boyle on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Building Healthy Financial Habits.

Discover how to shift your mindset, create an accurate budget, access practical resources to inform yourself on financial health, and be empowered in your finances by listening to Christie’s episode below.

“I believe the education system has failed not just women but individuals as a whole because we were not taught these things in elementary school, which spilled over into high school and then spilled over to college. Now we have adults and we expect them to know all these financial tips and how to budget and how to read a credit report but yet we’ve never taught them. So I think that education is first and foremost, and I think that it’s empowering.”

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0:23 – Christie’s Introduction

1:33 – The Biggest Challenge Women Face in Their Financial Lives

2:40 – Small Steps to Build Healthy Financial Habits

4:16 – Shifting Your Mindset Around Finances

6:42 – Creating a Budget When Money is Tight

8:37 – Is it easier to reduce your expenses or increase income?

10:06 – How long does it take to create an accurate budget?

11:07 – Benefits of Banking With a Credit Union

14:35 – Saving for Your Future and Your Children’s Futures

18:22 – Do you recommend using credit cards?

22:49 – Preparing Financially For a Baby You Weren’t Expecting

27:20 – Resources Available to Women Wanting to Learn About Finances

29:37 – Christie’s Why for Serving People

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Chloe Belk

Chloe Belk

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.