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S1E7: Pregnancy on the College Campus

Catherine Riley is the lead author of Title IX and the Protection of Pregnant and Parenting College Students, is a former Part-Time Assistant Professor at Wake Forest University, and is the owner and consultant of Supportive Spaces Consulting, LLC. This month, she joined host Chloe Boyle on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss “Pregnancy on the College Campus”.

Whether we realize it or not, pregnancy happens on every college campus, and you may be reading because you’re pregnant in college. Discover the resources available to empower you to thrive in your pregnancy and collegiate career.

“You don’t have to decide between your education and your child. There are so many people out there who are pursuing their education while raising children or while being pregnant, and you can do that, too. There are laws that protect you, that make sure it’s possible that that can happen. It’s not an either-or dilemma, it’s a both-and.”

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0:31 – Catherine’s Introduction

2:12 – What would you say to someone pregnant in college?

3:18 – How common is pregnancy in college?

5:05 – Resources Title IX Affords Students

7:48 – How Universities Implement Title IX

10:03 – Who to Go to for Support on Campus

12:51 – Where else can students go for support in their college towns?

17:12 – What inspired you to write Title IX and the Protection of Pregnant and Parenting College Students?

19:41 – What is helpful for women to know about their bodies and fertility?

26:55 – How can colleges create supportive spaces for women and men who are pregnant and parenting? How can students advocate for themselves and one another?

34:27– Catherine’s Why for Serving People

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