S2E2: Becoming Empowered in Your Parenting • The Pregnancy Network

S2E2: Becoming Empowered in Your Parenting

Leslie Wright first came to The Pregnancy Network during her pregnancy. Today she serves as a volunteer, teaching our free classes. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Becoming Empowered in Your Parenting.

Because she’s been on both sides of our services, she has a unique and invaluable perspective on what it means to be empowered for your pregnancy and parenting journey.

Discover Leslie’s story, the emotions surrounding an unplanned pregnancy, and parenting from a Christian perspective by listening to Leslie’s episode below.

“I think all the time, how would life be if I didn’t have Josh. I thank God that I chose Joshua over my fears, my worries, my condemnation… I chose God in the matter and chose myself, and we got Josh, and we’re grateful.”

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0:55 – Leslie’s Story

2:02 – What Was the Decision to Parent Like for You?

4:46 – Parenting from a Christian Perspective

7:33 – Leslie’s Advice for Parents who are Intimidated to Take on Parenting

10:45 – The Most Rewarding Parts of Parenting

13:41 – What Leslie Would Share With Someone Who’s Unexpectedly Pregnant

16:50 – Where Leslie is at in Her Parenting Journey

18:54 – Leslie’s Why for Volunteering at The Pregnancy Network

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Chloe Belk

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.