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Weary Friend, there is Hope

Weary Friend, There is Hope

The lights of the Christmas tree blinked in lazy monotony. On. Off. On. Off. Their projected cheeriness mocked me.  Your unborn baby is dead? Don’t care.  On. Off.  You’re having nightmares every night? Don’t care. On. Off. The unforgiving stare of the yellow lights—along with every bell-ringing Santa, obnoxious Christmas carol, and irritating rerun of

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Miscarriage & Loss

Unplanned Pregnancy & Loss: A Story of Miscarriage & Peace

An Unplanned Pregnancy My husband and I were not trying to get pregnant. For reasons specific to my personal health, I stopped taking the hormonal birth control that I previously used, and one thing led to another. We had plans to pay off all our student debt before starting a family. However, after the initial

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