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Car Seat Safety

Five Things You Should Know About Car Seat Safety

You’ve almost arrived at the end of your pregnancy, and you’re anxiously waiting to bring your baby home. The nursery is ready, all of your newborn’s clothes are washed, and you’ve sanitized the bottles and pacifiers. There’s one last thing to tackle: the car seat. Whether you already have a car seat picked out or

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Budgeting for Baby Items: What You Need and What You Can Skip

If you’re pregnant, you’re likely being targeted with some of the world’s best marketing: marketing toward new moms. Baby companies know you desire to be the best, most prepared mom you can be, and they can play off that desire and cause you to make purchases you may not need.  We searched online, asked our

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Community Resources

S2E3: Navigating Community Resources Together

Olivia Charnetzky is the Case Manager and Client Services Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network. She’s been with us for two years and recently piloted our case management services. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Navigating Community Resources Together.  Olivia’s passion for serving women translates into providing

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empowered in parenting

S2E2: Becoming Empowered in Your Parenting

Leslie Wright first came to The Pregnancy Network during her pregnancy. Today she serves as a volunteer, teaching our free classes. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Becoming Empowered in Your Parenting. Because she’s been on both sides of our services, she has a unique and

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Angela's Story

“They just take care of you”: Angela’s Story

All of a sudden I get the news that I am pregnant. It was a very difficult situation.Angela found out she was pregnant, and shortly after, she was let go from her job. Her options felt limited. Every place I went to the doors were closed to me. Angela heard about The Pregnancy Network from

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S2E1: Fertility Awareness Methods

Beth Appiah is a registered nurse at The Pregnancy Network and is currently working on her Family Nurse Practitioner degree. She hopes to specialize in Women’s Health. This month, she joins host Chloe Belk on Pregnancy Has Entered the Chat to discuss Fertility Awareness Methods. Whether you’re curious about different methods of birth control or

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New Year, New Pregnancy: What’s Next?

A new year is full of exciting changes: new habits, new routines, and new hobbies. Who doesn’t love a fresh start? But maybe your new year looks different in 2024. You woke up feeling off, you were expecting a period that never came, and when you took the “just in case” test the result was…

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