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unplanned pregnancy

Finding Thankfulness in an Unplanned Pregnancy

“Congratulations!” the nurse said. “You can take a picture for your baby book!”  I couldn’t find the words, so I just smiled weakly and nodded. Almost mechanically, I fumbled to find my phone and snap a photo of the pregnancy test laying on the table. A positive pregnancy test. She didn’t understand. This wasn’t good

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you know you are pregnant when

You Know You’re Pregnant When…

There is something about the sight of a pregnant woman that renders people senseless. It’s an oh-look-a-big-round-belly-let-me-shut-off-my-mental-filter-and-start-saying-things-I’d-never-say-around-a-non-pregnant-person kind of senseless. When we see someone who is obviously expecting, it’s like we can’t help ourselves—we have to speak up. And who could blame us? The miracle of how a new life is formed, grown, and introduced

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40 days of prayer

40 Days of Prayer: An Invitation

A Reason to Pray As a Christian organization, we at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center believe in the effectiveness of prayer. Scripture spends a lot of time addressing the importance of prayer in a Christian’s life. In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus teaches us something revolutionary about how to approach God. Before Jesus, God was often revered and

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What If You’re Not Thankful?

I have several friends who are expecting babies in the next six months or so. They’re excited about their growing baby bumps, the week-by-week “watch my belly get bigger” pictures, and cute maternity clothes. They’re also excited about the holidays and using Thanksgiving or Christmas to make baby announcements or to surprise their families with

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