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The 2018 God & Sex Forum

We are so excited about the 6th annual God & Sex forum taking place next week at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG)! Wondering what exactly this even is? Find out everything you need to know here.

The Why

The purpose of this forum is to help clarify the historic view of Christianity on sex and sexually related topics. Our over-sexualized culture has made it difficult to understand God’s original design for sex according to the Bible.  Each year, we have a speaker who covers a main topic, and we also have a Q&A panel made up of people from our local community who all share a common Christian perspective.

The What

What is authentic intimacy? Is it more than just sex? According to the Christian-biblical view, intimacy is much more than merely the physical. Our keynote speaker will discuss how men and women view sex and the impact it has on our relationships, and she will also address how casual sex affects our minds and bodies. She will discuss how to set boundaries in relationships and enjoy true intimacy.  

In our culture today, there is a great need for clarification in the areas of sex and intimacy. These things have the ability to either impact us negatively and leave deep wounds, or they can be enjoyed in freedom when experienced inside the boundaries God has given us for our good.

The Who

Our keynote speaker is Lisa Holbrook, who is a licensed marriage and family counselor. She has been practicing for 16 years and attended UNCG to earn her Masters in Professional Counseling. She is honored to be back on campus to invest in students who are seeking biblical truth.

The When

Thursday, April 19, from 7-9 pm

The Where

The Sullivan Building on UNCG’s campus in Room 101

Don’t Miss it!

This free event is open to both UNCG students and the public. It’s a great opportunity to engage in respectful discussion about Christian sexuality and authentic intimacy. We’d encourage you to bring friends and other students, including middle and high school students. Don’t miss out on this great community event!

For more information, check out our event page here, and be sure to “Like” Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center’s Facebook page so you won’t miss any updates on this event.