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The Emotions of an Unplanned Pregnancy

A positive pregnancy test can leave you with a whole range of emotions: anxiety, joy, fear, and confusion. Whether you were expecting it or not, pregnancy is a huge, life-changing event. It’s okay to feel however you’re feeling. Here are 3 simple next steps you can take to feel informed and confident.

3 Steps to Take When You Find Out You’re Pregnant

  1. Confirm your pregnancy with a medical-grade pregnancy test.

If you suspect you may be pregnant or have received a positive home test, confirming your pregnancy with a medical-grade pregnancy test is a great next step. These pregnancy tests are accurate two days (or more) after a missed menstrual cycle and will give you another piece of the puzzle to make an informed next step.

  1. Schedule an ultrasound.

Ultrasounds are super important. Getting an ultrasound is the only way to confirm that your pregnancy is not ectopic (located outside of the uterus). It will also give you a more accurate picture of how far along you are and confirm that your pregnancy is viable. Our Registered Nurses are trained in limited obstetrical ultrasounds, which confirm three things: viability, gestational age, and heartbeat.

  1. Take time to find the resources and options available to you.

One of the most common emotions women experience during an unplanned pregnancy is fear. The fear of what it would look like to provide for a child, the fear of not having a community of support, or the fear of not being a good enough parent—these thoughts can swirl through our minds and make us feel trapped. You’re not alone in your fear, and resources are available to help calm your worries. 

At The Pregnancy Network, we offer free medical services, material items, pregnancy and parenting classes, community resources, and an opportunity to find a long-term, healthy support system through the Connect program. We want to equip you with resources and support to make a fully-informed decision. 

You’ve Got This

When you find out you’re pregnant, there are three options available to you: abortion, adoption, or carrying to term to parent. Processing the emotions surrounding your pregnancy gives you the ability to think clearly about your options and equips you to make the best choice. Your next steps can have a lasting impact physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You owe it to yourself to get all the information about the options and resources available to you. Click the button below to make an appointment with us in Greensboro or Winston-Salem today.

Chloe Boyle

Chloe Boyle

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.