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“They just take care of you”: Angela’s Story

All of a sudden I get the news that I am pregnant. It was a very difficult situation.
Angela found out she was pregnant, and shortly after, she was let go from her job. Her options felt limited.

Every place I went to the doors were closed to me.

Angela heard about The Pregnancy Network from a friend and decided to make an appointment. She received a free pregnancy test and an ultrasound. Angela was able to meet with The Pregnancy Network’s Spanish Client Services Coordinator, Irina, who could talk with her in her heart language at her appointment.

They were very kind people. They give very good attention. First they helped me with the ultrasound, the exam. This was the first time I saw my child in the ultrasound and I was glad because when I came here I was told, “Look, your pregnancy is fine! Here is your proof!”

Angela stayed in contact with Irina and kept coming back to The Pregnancy Network. She enrolled in our Pregnancy 101 class and received valuable information and practical support.

If we don’t know the information, we may be at risk when we give birth, and when you receive the classes, you feel that you can cope with the pregnancy. All the information they give us, when we put the child in the car seat when we are going to put the baby in the vehicle, what the risks are, when you are going to give birth, what decision you can make, what decision you cannot make, knowing how you will feel after pregnancy, all this information is very important.

Not only was Angela empowered through the material in our Pregnancy 101 class, but she also received material resources from our Resource Room.

All the gifts from the Resource Room they give us really help. It is very important for people who sometimes have few resources, which helped me because they bought a crib for my baby, baby clothes, a diaper bag, and clothes for me, which was a great help thanks to this program.

Angela considers her baby a blessing. Even though she hasn’t been able to find a job, she says she looks to her son and finds inspiration to fight for him.

I know that what I’m going through is not easy. It is very difficult. Don’t give up. A baby is never a mistake. God sends it, and if He sends it, it is for a reason.”

If you’re unexpectedly pregnant, you don’t have to walk this road alone. We’re here for you every step of the way with free medical services, education, and resources. Our services are available in English and Spanish. 

Angela encourages others to look for support at The Pregnancy Network.

From the moment you put your foot here, this program helps. They just take care of you. They are nice and they give you support. It’s not easy, but God does not abandon us. He always opens doors.

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Chloe Belk

Chloe Belk

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.