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We Are Hiring: Advancement Coordinator

We are hiring again! The role of Advancement Coordinator is a full-time position and previous fundraising experience is required. The Coordinator will work with the Director to raise funds through fundraising events, campaigns and major gifts. Duties will include outreach to current and past donors, potential new donors, administrative duties related to donor management, and other duties as assigned.

Essential Responsibilities of the Position

  • Fundraising
      1. Identify and contact new and prospective donors
      2. Lead in contacting and securing sponsors for fundraising events; includes approaching individuals, businesses, churches and other organizations for sponsorships, donations, and appointments in an organized way
      3. Follow-up with donors and sponsors regarding fundraising opportunities and important information, as needed
      4. Work with fundraising staff to develop a plan to raise $200,000 new money during their first year of employment with a 20% increase every subsequent year.
  • Logistics and Admin Support
      1. Work with the Advancement Director to schedule appointments with current, new, and past donors; keep detailed notes
      2. Work with the Advancement Director on logistics for fundraising events before, during and after, including thank you letters, mailings, data entry, etc.
      3. Maintain records of donor information in logistical sheets and donor management system
      4. Ensure that all legal reporting requirements are satisfied
  • Volunteer Development
    1. Help recruit and continually develop volunteers for fundraising teams
    2. Meet one-on-one with volunteers or in small groups to help them grow as fundraisers

Interested in Applying?

To read the complete position description and for instructions on how to apply, please visit our Careers page by clicking here. The closing date for this position is Thursday, January 31, 2019.