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5 Emotions You May Feel After Learning You’re Pregnant

If you recently learned that you’re pregnant, you may be feeling many emotions. Whether your pregnancy was planned or unplanned, the news can bring feelings of anxiety at a level you’ve never experienced before. Whether you’re delightfully surprised or rather anxious, rest assured— your emotions are valid. Here are a few intense (but totally normal) emotions you may be feeling after seeing two pink lines. 


You never expected to be pregnant at this point in life.  We get it. Whether your family planning was unsuccessful, your birth control let you down or you didn’t think you could get pregnant, learning you’re unexpectedly expecting can be a massive surprise. If pregnancy isn’t what you planned for this season of life you may feel quite unsure how to process the news. You may not even feel pregnant. That’s okay.  We’re here to walk you through your next steps. 


If you’re experiencing anxiety because of an unplanned pregnancy, we’re here for you. You’re not alone, and you don’t have to have all the answers. Make an appointment with us to learn more about how we can ease your load. Telling your family and friends can be difficult. Determining what your next steps are is sometimes unclear. If you want a listening ear or to talk through your options, then please do not hesitate to contact us.


Congratulations! You’re going to be a mom! If you’re feeling excited and want to find a community of future moms to help you through this season of pregnancy, then consider signing up for our free Pregnancy 101 and Parenting 101 classes. In this group setting, we talk about birth plans, breastfeeding, postpartum expectations, labor and delivery, and more. Call us to find out more about these classes.


This wasn’t your plan, and now your priorities have been dramatically rearranged. If you’re feeling sad or disappointed and upset that you’re experiencing those emotions, then you need to hear something that we’ve said before because it’s worth repeating. You’re not alone. It is completely normal to feel sadness when facing change. 

Even positive changes in life — marriage, a new job, moving or welcoming a baby — can cause anxiety over the unexpected. It’s normal for major life changes to feel bittersweet and for women to experience feelings of sadness as they process the changes ahead. 

Your first reaction to the news that you’re carrying a child is just the beginning of your journey. You don’t need to feel guilty if your first reaction isn’t joy. 


If you’ve experienced infertility, then finding two lines on a pregnancy test can introduce a new hope into your life that you may not feel ready for. Don’t worry! We can help! Our brick and mortar location and our mobile unit offer free pregnancy tests to confirm what you see on your at-home pregnancy test. We also offer a mentorship program for you to have support throughout your pregnancy journey. 


Whether you’re afraid to be a parent or fear that you won’t carry to term, we’re here for you. If you feel that you’re unable to talk to your partner or parents about the news of a child or afraid to ask your doctor certain questions, then give us a call. Schedule an appointment to speak with one of our nurses or peer advocates in confidence. You don’t have to live in fear. You have a safe place to share your concerns at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center.  

While the circumstances leading up to pregnancy are unique, you’re not alone. We have resources to help you navigate this season and everything to come. No matter what you’re feeling about your current circumstances, you can visit Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center and receive help through your unplanned pregnancy journey. 

Sarah Stricker

Sarah Stricker

Sarah Stricker is a volunteer content writer at GPCC. As a new mom, she’s excited to encourage people experiencing unplanned pregnancies.