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Amera’s Story: Finding Courage in the Midst of an Unplanned Pregnancy

“I was scared about what everybody was going to think.”

Amera was shocked to find out she was pregnant. A senior in high school, she felt convinced that a pregnancy would bring all her college dreams to a screeching halt. 

“I just really thought the abortion was going to be the cure.”

Amera began searching for organizations in the community that could help, and she found The Pregnancy Network. And while she loved the non-judgmental atmosphere, free services, and the genuine care from staff, she still felt an abortion was her best option. 

But when it came time to finally schedule an abortion, Amera changed her mind. 

“At the end of the day,” she said, “the only reason for me not finishing college or anything like that is because I stopped myself.”

Amera realized this pregnancy could fuel rather than end her pursuit of her dreams. 

After changing her mind, she knew she wanted to go back to The Pregnancy Network for an ultrasound. After receiving her ultrasound, she signed up for the Pregnancy 101 class

Remembering her experience, Amera said, “[I came] for one thing…and I got five other things. A friend, a mentor, someone to talk to who went through the same things I went through.”

Now, Amera feels equipped to face her unplanned pregnancy without fear. 

“I feel like everybody needs to come here,” she said of The Pregnancy Network. 

You can watch Amera’s full story in the video below. 

We are Here for You

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