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Caring for the Postpartum Mama

It’s all so exciting – new life, newborn cuddles, and family and friends coming together to meet the little one who joined the crew. But in all the excitement, it’s important to remember mom. She’s just given birth, and her entire world has turned upside down.

Whether it’s her first baby or her fourth, every new child brings big life changes. Her routines were disrupted. Her body is healing. The mama in your life needs to know that you see her, you love her, and you’re there for her. Whether you’re a grandparent, a spouse, or just a friend, check out these ideas to care for the postpartum mama in your life.

Regardless of what resources are available to you, you can make this transition a little easier.

Write a Card

When was the last time you received a handwritten card? It’s probably been a while! In the age of technological ease, it’s rare and special to receive a note written just for you. This simple gesture can go a long way to make her day a little brighter. Tell her how much she means to you, how proud you are of how she’s navigated this transition, or how you’ll be there for whatever she needs. Be specific. 

If you’re able, combine this gesture with flowers or one of the ideas below. Regardless, your words will mean more to her than you know. 

Pack a Snack Bag

It’s no secret that new babies require lots of time, attention, and care. The new mama in your life will experience late nights, early mornings, and little time to herself. Gifting her a snack pack can be a game changer. Include snacks that are high in fiber, protein, or fats. Our staff registered nurses recommend you throw in some bottled water, electrolyte drinks, or any beverage of her choice to help her stay hydrated if she’s breastfeeding. 

Make Her a Meal (Or Two)

Coordinate with friends and family to bring a consistent flow of meals to the new parent(s). Meals require grocery shopping, planning, and preparation which can be a lot for new parents to execute. Make her your favorite meal to cook, pick up her favorite takeout, or send her a meal delivery service gift card. If you’re able, bring over some muffins or a casserole for easy breakfasts, too.

Gift Her Something Cozy

Throughout her pregnancy, the new mama in your life has been focused on getting items for her baby. If you have the means, gifting her something cozy and postpartum-friendly can make her feel seen in the midst of her now baby-centered world. If she’s breastfeeding, give her a nightgown with buttons at the top. If she had a C-section, give her something flowy that won’t irritate her incision. Don’t underestimate the power of a pretty, comfortable outfit to make your loved one feel more herself again. Plus, who doesn’t love comfy clothes?

Your support means more than you know.

Now more than ever, your support for your loved one will not go unnoticed. It takes a village to go through pregnancy, postpartum, and all that comes after. She will never forget the care you showed her during a vulnerable time.

Chloe Belk

Chloe Belk

Chloe is the Communications Coordinator at The Pregnancy Network.