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ways fathers can love their chilren

6 Ways Fathers Can Love Their Children

In a world that has a hard time defining what a father is, Father’s Day can be a frustrating holiday. Many grieve the loss, absence, or abuse from their fathers. Others find themselves on the cusp of fatherhood, wondering what it looks like to love and lead a child.  Our culture doesn’t argue against the

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advice for parents

5 Tips from Moms & Dads: Advice for New Parents

If you are pregnant, you may feel excited about the joys of parenting, but also fearful about the unknowns. You may find that others (friends, family, social media, parenting websites) talk only about the struggles of parenting or only about the joys. But as with most things in life, there is both: joy and pain,

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6 Ways to Save Money

6 Ways to Save Money in 2022

One of the top concerns we hear from new parents is about finances. We get it—life is expensive. Add a new baby into the mix, and it can feel overwhelming. The good news is there are many practical ways to save money and make your dollars go farther than you thought possible. A brand new

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help child adjust to new baby

7 Ways to Help Your Child Adjust to a New Baby

Fear and exhaustion pressed in on all sides. I touched the soft, feathery fist curled around my index finger and tried not to panic. Riding home from the hospital and leaning on less than three hours of sleep, one thought spun again and again through the revolving door in my mind— We’re outnumbered, we’re outnumbered,

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Easter blog

Celebrating Easter

Easter is a joyful celebration and a great opportunity to make memories with your little ones. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate with your family, look no further! We’ve compiled unique ways that a few of The Pregnancy Network’s own staff members are sharing the Easter story with their loved ones. Easter Egg Painting

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5 Myths about Pregnancy and Parenting

5 Myths about Pregnancy & Parenting

Did a positive pregnancy test rock your world with the news that you’re expecting? This time may feel like a rollercoaster of emotions, with pressure to make a quick decision about your pregnancy. You may wonder, “How can I finish my degree? How can I afford prenatal care without health insurance? How can I parent

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