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Celebrating Easter

Easter is a joyful celebration and a great opportunity to make memories with your little ones. If you’re looking for ways to celebrate with your family, look no further! We’ve compiled unique ways that a few of The Pregnancy Network’s own staff members are sharing the Easter story with their loved ones.

Easter Egg Painting

This super-simple activity from Busy Toddler was fun for my kids and easy cleanup for me—I’d call that a win-win! Here’s what you need: paint (washable, unless you’re braver than me), a small bowl, plastic eggs, paper, and a casserole dish or bin. First, place paper in the bin. Next, place eggs in the bowl and cover them with paint. Last, drop the eggs in the bin and let your kiddos get rolling! 

Easter Egg Paint

After their artwork dries, you can cut the paper into egg-shaped cards to share with friends and family. 

Easter Egg Paint

STEM Eggsperiment

Allison, TPN’s Volunteer Coordinator, said this fun science project using eggs, food coloring, vinegar and baking soda was a hit with her kids. 

Easter Eggsperiment

Simply mix together 2 – 3 Tbs. baking soda and 6 -10 drops food coloring in a small cup to create a runny paste. Spoon some of the mixture on to an egg. Then, gently dip the egg into a small cup of vinegar and watch the colors fizz!

Easter egg colorful

For more STEM ideas, check out 6 Easter Egg Science Experiments for Kids from Parent Magazine or 5 STEM Activities with Marshmallow Peeps from Science Buddies.

Easter Egg Hunts

Allison also shared this pro-tip for families with younger children: to ensure that little ones don’t feel left out, limit the number of easter eggs that each child can add to his or her basket. 

Easter Egg Hunt

Our team compiled a list of Easter Egg Hunts in the Triad taking place in the Winston-Salem and Greensboro areas. Check it out to find an event close to your neighborhood, and go make some new memories! 

Meredith, one of our Development Coordinators, shared this creative way to incorporate the Easter story into your Easter egg hunt at home:

“To tuck the Easter story in the adventure, I write out each verse of Matthew 28:1-10 on ten strips of paper and label them 1-10. I fold them and tuck them into ten eggs that are among the other eggs being hunted. When the eggs have been found and the kids are sitting down to open their treasures, we read the Easter story. I’ll ask, “Who has paper #1?” and ask that child to read it (or if she is too young, I read it). We proceed for each of the verses. It’s a fun way to read the story, while they are also examining their treasures from the eggs.”

Resurrection Eggs

Another way to share the Easter story is with Resurrection Eggs. Both Dawn, one of our Development Coordinators, and Mary, TPN’s Communications Director, shared that this activity is a meaningful family tradition. All you need is an egg carton, plastic eggs numbered 1 through 12, and objects you can find around the house to illustrate the story. If you’d like to receive a free printable to make your own DIY Resurrection Eggs, contact us here

Easter Cookies

Hannah, one of our RNs on staff, shared that her daughter especially enjoys decorating Easter cookies. Hannah says cookie decorating kits from a local baker (pictured below) are one of her favorites to use.  You can also make your own kit with a few items from your grocery store.  Sprinkles and spring-themed cookie cutters make for a festive (and delicious) activity your family can do together—toddlers to teenagers can get in on the fun.

Read the Easter Story

Delaney, TPN’s Lead Client Services Coordinator, shared that to celebrate Easter she reads the Resurrection Story from the Jesus Storybook Bible with her son. You can download The Jesus Storybook Bible free Easter activity kit and coloring pages here.

Easter storybook Bible

Did you know The Pregnancy Network gifts each family attending our free classes with a copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones? Find out more about our free Pregnancy 101 and Parenting 101 classes here.  If you’d like to donate items needed by class attendees, please visit our Amazon Wish List here

We hope these ideas inspire you with new ways to celebrate this joyful season. From all of us at The Pregnancy Network, we wish you and yours a blessed Easter. 

Kacey Minor

Kacey Minor

Kacey is the Interim Communications Manager at The Pregnancy Network.