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‘Don’t Look Away’: Our Response to Abortion

He came that Saturday morning because his pastor asked him to come. His church was a part of the Love Life prayer walks outside the local abortion facility, but he’d never been until now. To be honest, it never occurred to him to attend. He knew he was “pro-life,” but not much more than that.

He stood with a large crowd of people in the bright morning sunlight and heard the truth about what was happening in his own city. Almost 40 abortions a week—the deadliest street in Greensboro. 

Stunned by this tragic truth, he walked over in silence with the group as they sang and prayed outside the abortion facility—a rather dreary facade of a building tucked out of view from the nearby street.

He watched as people in pink vests—Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center volunteers—called out to the women who entered the facility. They offered free ultrasounds and the opportunity to be fully informed of all their options before making a decision. 

And then he watched as people in multi-colored vests—abortion facility escorts—also called out to the women and urged them to ignore the pregnancy center volunteers. 

One thing was impossible to deny: this was a war zone.

Tears filled his eyes. “I didn’t know,” he said. “I’m ashamed that I didn’t know.” 

Our Response to Abortion

This man’s reaction to the reality of abortion is not uncommon; many within the church have no idea what’s happening six days a week on Randleman Road. When his eyes opened for the first time that day, he was faced with a choice: continue life as normal, or do something about the tragedy before him.

William Wilberforce, in a speech before the English House of Commons, said this of slavery:

“You may choose to look the other way, but you can never again say you did not know.”

We can never again say that we did not know.

I was there the day that man’s eyes were opened, the day his heart began to change. He’s been back to the abortion facility every Saturday since then—committed to prayer and determined that he will not look the other way.

Because until the church looks at abortion for what it is with an unflinching and sorrow-filled gaze, we will never be moved to stand in the gap for the unborn and the mothers facing unplanned pregnancies.

Don’t Look Away

If you have never been to a Love Life prayer walk, we invite you to attend this Saturday from 9 to 11 am at 2401 Randleman Road. This week is the 4th annual Youth for Life event, a time when middle school, high school, and college students gather in support of life; but people of all ages are welcome. You can read more about what to expect at these prayer walks by clicking here

If you are interested in becoming a sidewalk advocate, you can attend our next training on Wednesday, September 25. Register today by clicking here.

Don’t look away from the truth about abortion and the impact it has on women. Instead, join us as we work together to continue empowering women to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. 

Tim Rogers is the Expansion Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center.