Should the Church Have Anything to Say About Abortion?

Should the Church Have Anything to Say About Abortion?

Many view abortion as a political issue. If that’s true, then should the church have anything to say about it? How can the church speak honestly about abortion without alienating those who have experienced it? Is abortion a topic that’s optional to speak about within the church? Carter Mundy joins us to discuss this and other tough questions. Carter also spends some time sharing his favorite moments during his time as Associate Executive Director at The Pregnancy Network.

You can listen to the full episode below, watch it on YouTube, or listen wherever podcasts are available. Be sure to check out the links mentioned in this episode, and check out the time stamps so you can jump to the questions that interest you most. 

If you’re interested in getting your church connected with The Pregnancy Network, you can contact us here.

Carter also shares some exciting news about his family’s new direction. Next year, they will be planting Redemption Church in Roanoke, Virginia. Check out the video below to hear Carter and his wife, Tamara, share about this upcoming journey!

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Time Stamps:

1:00 – Carter Mundy shares about his history with GPCC.
2:45 – Highlight reel – favorite moments at GPCC.
8:00 – Carter shares his family’s new direction: planting a church in Roanoke, Virginia.
9:00 – “God’s Plan A for changing the world is the Church” – how does a pregnancy center fit into that concept?
12:20 – Is the abortion issue relevant to the mission of the church?
16:00 – What are some reasons that leaders in the church may shy away from talking about abortion? 
22:15 – What are churches doing really well regarding the issue of abortion?
25:10 – How can I get my church more involved in the abortion issue?