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Interview with Alison Centofante of Live Action

Meet Alison Centofante of Live Action

Alison Centofante is the Director of External Affairs at Live Action, and we had the privilege of interviewing her on The Empowered Advocate podcast this month.

Live Action is a pro-life media movement that exists to bring an end to abortion. In this episode, Alison shares her personal story of how she became pro-life, what led her to Live Action, and the impact this organization’s work is having on our culture. She discusses the unity that exists between organizations like Live Action and the pregnancy centers that meet the practical needs of women who feel like abortion is their only option.

Alison is the Keynote Speaker for our 2019 Benefit Dinner & Silent Auction on Friday, October 25. Our goal this year is to raise $450,000—that’s how much it takes to empower 375 moms to choose life for their unborn children. 

Listen to the episode below, watch it on our YouTube Channel, or listen wherever you find your podcasts.

Time Stamps

 0:00 – Welcome to Alison Centofante, Director of Communications 
1:05 – Alison shares a personal story about how she became pro-life
4:13 – How Alison got connected with Live Action
6:55 – How did Live Action get started, and what is this organization’s goal?
11:45 – What unethical things have been exposed within Planned Parenthoods as a result of these undercover videos?
13:30 – The impact of taxpayer dollars on the abortion industry
16:05 – What role do pregnancy centers play? Why does their presence matter?
20:30 – A challenge to get connected and engaged in the pro-life movement