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Morgan’s Story


This week we’ve seen some dark, gruesome things come out about Planned Parenthood. It’s been difficult to think about what they’re perpetuating in our society and how they’re taking advantage of mothers who don’t understand what is actually being done in and to their body or their child’s body.


In the midst of the darkness, we thought we would remind you of the light. While abortion itself is gruesome, we offer hope to women here at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center. Women facing unplanned pregnancy¬†often think abortion is their only option because of money, school, family member’s, or whatever. But we show them that abortion isn’t a healthy or satisfying option, and that they don’t have to have one, no matter what situation they’re in.

Every woman who comes to us at the Care Center is loved, cared for, and will walk away from her experience here without fear of her unplanned pregnancy, equipped with the facts about abortion so she can make an informed decision. We truly believe knowledge is power; and when women find out what abortion does, they realize how destructive it really is.

To those who have had an abortion: We love you. You are valuable. We offer abortion recovery to help you overcome the negative effects that abortion can cause. Don’t let your circumstances and fear control you. Take a stand in the fight for your future joy and satisfaction.

Morgan’s Story

This isn’t a new story, it’s from last year. But, you should watch it again anyway to remember that life-change can and does happen! Morgan’s doctor recommended she come see us for help. When she did, her darkness turned to light. Let’s continue to work together to see Morgan’s story happen over and over again with each woman who walks through our doors.