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What’s a Plumbline?

Every organization needs some standard of measure to help them stay on track in their mission.

In building and masonry work, the tool you use to help you stay “on track” is called a plumbline. After you set the foundation and the cornerstone of the building, you put up a plumbline which helps you build a perfectly straight wall. Each brick you add on top of that cornerstone is checked with the vertical plumbline to see if it’s in the proper place. As you build, the plumbline ensures that you’re making a strong wall that won’t crumble and fall when the building is complete. Because, if you get off by just a little bit, that wall can end up looking like a tree branch instead of an arrow! The slightest push could bring it crashing down.

At the Care Center, we have some guiding statements which help us stay on track in our mission and focus. They help steer us in the right direct so as to keep us from getting too far off. If we see ourselves slipping one way or another, these statements help us correct our path quickly so we can continue working as a healthy and effective organization.

Blog Series

This is the start of a blog series in which we’ll explain some of the plumblines we have. It will be helpful for you to first know our mission and focus, our motivation (why we do what we do), and to remind you of our services. Then we’ll lay out our first plumbline.

Our Mission:

We strive to empower women, men, and students to make life-affirming choices regarding their reproductive health.

Our Focus:

Empowering women and men to face an unplanned pregnancy.

Our Reason:

We care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of individuals by embodying Christian principles and values, so they will be equipped to choose the healthiest sexual lifestyle, and to value all human life, especially their own.

Our Services:

We support individuals before, during, and after an unplanned pregnancy by providing health services, education, mentoring, and resources.

Plumbline #1: Making abortion unnecessary.

Our first plumbline is: “Making abortion unnecessary.” We believe abortion is never “necessary.” However, many of our clients think it is. Our hope is to make abortion an unnecessary option in their minds by providing everything clients need to choose life for their unborn child. If we keep this plumbline ever before us as an organization, our decisions moving forward will be oriented toward making abortion unnecessary to our clients.

In the past, we’ve heard critics of the pregnancy center movement claim that pregnancy centers don’t care for women after they’ve had their child. With this plumbline, we hope to ensure our services will always be both present and future-oriented for women and men. We want to care for them during their pregnancy and after they’ve had their child. We know that abortion is most often chosen out of fear; and their fear is almost always future-oriented. They’re not sure how they will provide or how having a child will require them to change moving forward.

Therefore, in order to make abortion an unnecessary choice, we have to provide top-notch support for them in their moment of panic and also after that moment of panic has passed. The goal will be to empower and equip our clients to face their unplanned pregnancy without fear by serving them in their moment of need, and by helping them get on their feet and to learn how to provide for their children and raise them in a healthy family environment moving forward.

All of this goes into making abortion unnecessary, and we’re fully aware of that! We already care for women and men after their child is born by providing classes, material items, and community referrals for things like housing or jobs.

We also already care for them in their moment of crisis by providing our current health services. But, these health services are limited, so we need to expand our scope of care. This is one reason we’re gearing up for phases 2 and 3 of our strategic plan. We hope to move locations (Phase 2) and become a medical clinic (Phase 3) so we can provide prenatal care, women’s health care, and comprehensive STD testing and treatment. We want to get there within 1-3 years; sooner if the funding comes in.

This is what it will take for us to make abortion unnecessary in Greensboro. If we want to be effective and exist with purpose, we must be willing to take these big steps. Will you be a part of making abortion unnecessary in our community with us?


Carter Mundy is the Assistant Executive Director at Greensboro Pregnancy Care Center.

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