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Seeing Clients Change

Seeing clients change, or at least seeing them consider change, is always something I look forward to as a staff member. Last week, while she didn’t immediately change her mind, we saw a client begin to change her perspective on her situation.

Charlotte* walked into our Fulton Street location looking for the abortion pill. Because we have a great team here at the center, we were able to fit her in for an appointment immediately. We found out Charlotte had non-Christian religious beliefs—she is Muslim. But she did allow her advocate to talk with her about spiritual health and share the Gospel during the appointment.

Charlotte was undecided about her pregnancy, despite being married. Often times people do not associate married women with getting abortions, but it does happen more frequently than you might expect. Charlotte was overwhelmed with mothering two young children already and the thought of adding another was too much for her. Despite her religious beliefs, abortion seemed like the only way.

Her advocate went over the Before You Decide magazine, which has lots of great information about the three options you have when you’re pregnant (parenting, abortion, or adoption). And her advocate also gave her information about fetal development, helping her understand how the baby was already developing in her womb.

Charlotte was captivated by this and asked many questions during the appointment. She was so interested that she looked over the material several times, making sure she understood everything!

Before she left, Charlotte decided to schedule an ultrasound with us since she was too early to get one at the time of her appointment. While leaving, she told her advocate that all women should have this opportunity. We agree!

[click_to_tweet tweet=”‘While leaving, she told her advocate that all women should have this opportunity. We agree!'” quote=”‘While leaving, she told her advocate that all women should have this opportunity. We agree!'”]

We are praying that Charlotte would choose life for her unborn baby and come back for her ultrasound appointment. We’re also praying the good news about Jesus’s perfect life, death in our place, and miraculous resurrection would take root in her heart and change the way she sees who she is and who God is. Would you pray for her with us?

Olivia Thomas is our Client Admin Assistant at the Care Center. When she’s not at work, she’s probably hanging out with her husband, Phil, or serving in her local church, Christ Church Greensboro.

*Client’s Name was changed for her privacy.