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The 2022 Winston-Salem Walk for Life

Find your place. Build the legacy.

Our team at The Pregnancy Network is thrilled to announce our Winston-Salem Walk for Life event on Saturday, September 24 at Two Cities Church.  

You may be wondering how you can get involved in the Walk for Life. We believe you have a vital role to play in the mission of The Pregnancy Network. Joining the Walk as a fundraiser is a perfect way to get started! Keep reading to find out how you can find your place at this year’s Winston-Salem Walk for Life.

The Winston-Salem Walk for Life Kick-Off

Each year, before the Walk for Life event we hold a kick-off for team leaders. This is a great opportunity to cast our vision and get everyone excited for the event. For this year’s kick-off, over 10 churches from the Triad area came together to join our mission to empower women to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. During the kick-off, we broke into small groups and discussed fun ways to reach our goals and create Walk teams.

ws walk for life kick off
ws walk for life kick off

We also introduced our Walk for Life Playbook, a week-by-week guide for fundraisers which includes tips, challenges and resources for our team leaders. If you couldn’t make it to the kick-off, you can access the Playbook here! We want to keep you motivated and equipped so we can come together on September 24th and celebrate the goals we’ve met.  

How to Get Started

Being a fundraiser and leading a team for the Walk for Life is super simple. For a detailed, step-by-step guide, check out our Walk for Life Playbook. You can also keep scrolling for a few steps to get you started.

1. Create your fundraising page on FundEasy.

You can do this in minutes by clicking here! Your FundEasy page is where supporters can make donations toward your goal. You can customize it with pictures and a personal message about why you walk for life. This will also be a great place you can direct your team members so they know how to set up their page. Which leads us to Step 2!

2. Build your team.

Think of five people you want on your team. These can be friends, family, small group members, co-workers, or people you know from your church. Share with them the “why” behind your involvement with The Pregnancy Network. You can also share stories and videos from TPN that demonstrate how women are being empowered to face their unplanned pregnancies without fear. (Our team has put together a whole folder full of resources you can use right here!)

You’ll want to encourage each of your team members to register on FundEasy as well, so they can give and also track the donations they receive. (Helpful hint: you can register new team members yourself, so it’s one less step they have to take.)

Once you have five people on your team, encourage them to invite five people from their circles of influence to join or donate as well. Not everyone will say yes, and that is okay. Keep asking, and keep sharing! The more you ask, the more positive responses you’ll get.

3. Start fundraising.

In addition to asking your circle of influence to give and join you at the Walk, brainstorm with your team about creative ways you can fundraise. Check out our list of ideas below to get you started.

WS Walk for life fundraising ideas

What It's All About

We are excited that so many people have found their place at The Pregnancy Network and will be cultivating their circles of influence to build walk teams.

Don’t forget: It takes $1,200 to empower one woman to face her unplanned pregnancy without fear. Our goal is to empower 50 women in the 2022 Winston-Salem Walk for Life—$60,000 will ensure that happens.  How many women will you empower by joining us for this Walk for Life? We are here to support you and encourage you each step of the way. We can’t wait to celebrate with our teams and community on Saturday, September 24 at Two Cities Church!